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Greg Covey 11-04-2006 04:17 PM

COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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Cox Models has a new line called "Wings" which, among other designs, has a series of 5 different [link=http://www.coxmodels.com/products.asp?dept=82&pagenumber=1&sort_on=&sort_by =]Micro Warbird ARFs[/link]. These micro models sell for only $20, come highly detailed and pre-painted with the following features and specifications.

[ul][*] One-piece snap-on wings[*] 130-size motor[*] 2 props[*] scale spinner[*] water transfer decals[*] On/Off charging swich plate[*] charge plug[*] control linkage[/ul]
P-51 Specifications:
[ul][*] Wingspan: 20" (50.8cm)[*] Length: 17-3/4" (45.1cm)[*] Flying weight: approx. 5oz (143g)[/ul]
All that is needed to complete the ARF are the following items:[ul][*] 3-4 channel transmitter and micro receiver[*] 2 micro servos 7-10oz/in torque (Cox item #005500)[*] 7-10 amp ESC[*] 2/3AAA 6-cell, 7.2v, 220mAh, NiMH pack (Cox item #005501)[*] hobby supplies like glue, servo tape, razor knife[/ul]

Greg Covey 11-04-2006 04:37 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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The history of COX micro warbirds goes back many years and the first R/C conversion was done about 6 years ago by Mike Blott on a [link=http://www.gregcovey.com/viper.htm]Cox Sky Cruiser Viper P-51[/link] electric free-flight model. This was back when a micro flight design was considered anything less than 10oz.

My COX Viper conversion page documents the first use of an Astro Flight Firefly motor using a Zagi 5x4 "spoon" prop. These ideas were conveyed to Bob Boucher of Astro Flight and the prop now comes with a FireFly motor purchase and it also comes recommended by COX as an alternate choice for a power system.

Today, we have many new choices for small brushless motors which are much more efficient than the stock DC brushed Speed 130 motor. Further, the small NiCd and NiMh packs have been replaced with lighter Lithium Polymer packs.

With this history and today's choices in mind, I will use the stock motor and NiMH pack for my review but welcome your ideas and experiences to add for a section on modifications and hop-ups.

[link=http://www.gregcovey.com/viper.htm]COX Viper Conversion[/link]

Greg Covey 11-04-2006 04:44 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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For the low cost of $20, the COX Micro Warbird comes exceptionally packaged. All the parts were protected by plastic wrapping and custom styrofoam compartments. The decal sheet and 12-page color manual are both well designed.

My review kit came with the COX (005501) 6-cell, 220mAh NiMH pack and 3 COX (005500) micro servos.

Greg Covey 11-04-2006 04:49 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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I'll be adding an M5v2 micro receiver and Super-9 ESC from [link=http://www.fmadirect.com/]FMA Direct[/link].

Glacier Girl 11-04-2006 05:10 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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Might want to mention Estes, the parent company of Cox has some of their own versions. Their's are RTF's. Didn't stop me from converting one over. I used the P47, it comes in a silver skeem normally, I wanted an olive drab version. Hitec 50 servos, working ailerons and elevator, vs the original actuator activated rudder only. I kept the stock motor but added a GWS esc and Spektrum rx. Powered with a TP 2S730 lipo. I also removed the positive dihedral from the wing. Maiden was today. If yours flies like mine you will be a happy camper. I'm going to add the Corsair and P40 next. And if you need a dog fight mate, Estes makes an Texan that could easily transformed into a Zero. :D

topspin 11-04-2006 09:09 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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I plan to maiden my P-47 tomorrow, just hope it stays together long enough to get some video.

Greg Covey 11-05-2006 04:21 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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Thanks, I didn't know Estes had even more versions. I've not been into micro flight for several years now. About 6 or 7 years ago, I remember having the first indoor aerobatic plane that could do both a roll and a loop in a small basketball sized gym. It used a geared GWS S2 motor and tiny NiMH cells. A few years after that, we were doing 3D circuits with Shockflyers, cheap brushless motors, and Lipos. A year or so after that, the "young guns" (our sons and friend's sons) put us all to shame as they could fly circles around us. :)

Topspin, what is that little brushless motor in your P-47?

I'll be using the stock (heavy) 220mAh NiMH pack and stock (current sucking) DC brushed motor for my review and video. For the most part, it will validate stock performance and let entry-level people see just how easy it is to obtain now. Perhaps I'll make my other model, the Spitfire MK XIV a higher performance flyer.

The assembly starts with the elevator and rudder. The manual has very good color photos and step-by-step instructions so I will only briefly cover what I did. The elevator and rudder are attached with the supplied clear tape and the pre-bent metal joiner and controls horns are glued into place. I used regular medium CA and kicker for the joiner bar and UHU POR for the control horns. The manual recommends foam-safe CA or epoxy.

Radio installation comes next where the motor, ESC, and battery are soldered to the charge plate. Again, complete photos and steps are well described in the manual.

Greg Covey 11-05-2006 06:52 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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It didn't take very long before my P-51 was ready to glue together. I replaced the M5 v2 receiver with an Encore so that the pins came out the end for an easier fit. I also replaced the long heavy wire antenna with an M-72-6 Micro antenna from [link=http://www.ecubedrc.com/]E Cubed R/C[/link].

The receiver and servos were held in place using double-sided servo tape. The Micro antenna was tacked glued into position with a small amount of CA and kicker.

I glued the two halves together with UHU POR.

Flypaper 2 11-05-2006 08:03 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
On my mustang, I cut the front wing dowel out and glued a balsa lip on the top LE of the wing so it slips under the cowl chin. Now I can slip the TP 730 2 cell lipo batt. in just behind the motor. Had to cut a hole in the fuse. under the canopy to fit the Spektrum rcvr, so it pokes into the canopy. Gets a good 10 min motor run. Glued the servos in with hot glue when they started to come loose. Fun little plane for loops and rolls but you don't dare take your eyes off of it. :D

Glacier Girl 11-06-2006 06:35 AM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
Greg, Top Spin's motor appears to be a Little Screamers version. Oh and check the spinner/prop on yours, they are notorious for vibrating. The Estes' versions are one piece so no problem with them.

Greg Covey 11-06-2006 08:34 AM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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Ok, thanks. I haven't run it at full throttle yet so I'll check for vibration then.

I decided to simplify the tail linkage by only using the long wires with "Z" bends in one end for the servo arms. After gluing the stabilizers on with a small amount of epoxy, I cut the wires to length and put an "L" bend in the end for the control horn. A small piece of insulation from the charging cable works perfect to help secure the wire onto the control horn.

The pre-painted canopy was attached with UHU POR.

Greg Covey 11-06-2006 04:45 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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It was nice weather out today so I decided to test fly my P-51 before adding the decals. I temporarily taped the clear protective nose cuff in place and headed to the park. My buddy snapped a few photos using my camera. We'll get some better ones when we shoot the video with my normal crew.

The P-51 actually flew quite well. I added about 30% expo into the elevator and none into the rudder. My linkage used the center of 3 holes on the control horns as described in the manual for the first flights. The CG was a bit nose heavy using the recommended locations so I left it there. This was likely due to not having any antenna wire hanging out the back. Although the flight was a short 3 minutes, the plane was very responsive and landed gently without motor power. I was happily surprised as I expected it to drop much faster.

It was a perfect flight with no damage so I will now finish up adding the decals and get a video of it.

Glacier Girl 11-06-2006 07:01 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
Congrats Greg!:D
Hey I just got my issue of Fly Rc magazine today, and lo and behold Cox has added to their line up. A Zero, 109, and a 190 for dogfighting companions. Whoo hoo, more birds to buy.

packyj 11-07-2006 08:09 AM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
There are a couple of great ways to mod for ailerons on these fun little birds...

Quint has posted a step by step guide which I followed at:

My brother opted to use the dubro micro aileron kit which makes for a much cleaner looking airplane and it works just as well... pics of that can be posted shortly

my p47

Greg Covey 11-07-2006 08:35 AM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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Thanks for the aileron tip. I have one of those Dubro Micro Aileron System kits (#850) so perhaps I may use it on my Spitfire model. The P-51 seems to have plenty of agility with only a rudder but added aileron control would be pretty sweet.

I finished up the assembly by adding decals only on the top side. This would keep things a bit lighter and provide better orientation in flight. It doesn't take long for these micro Warbirds to get small on you in the air.

The plastic protective nose cuff was glued in place using [link=http://www.franktiano.com/ZapFrameset-3.htm]POLY ZAP(tm)[/link] from FTE. PolyZap is designed to work on space-age plastics; Lexan(tm), delron, polycarbonate, nylon, and rubber. It is ideal for clear canopies and all ARF kit plastics. It did not hurt the foam on my Cox Warbird.

Greg Covey 11-08-2006 05:30 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
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I got some video of my Micro P-51. It was a grey day with winds between 5-8mph but the little warbird flew just fine. Although I missed it on the video, we did loop it without a problem. The only issue is the short flights using the stock NiMH pack.

[link=http://www.gregcovey.com/reviews/CoxMicroP51.wmv]COX Micro P-51 Video 1[/link] (3.6meg)

FlyingEagle4 11-25-2006 08:00 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
If I get it the cox warbird RTF can will I be able to switch out the stock battery for a more powerful ilpo?

Greg Covey 11-26-2006 11:16 AM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
Yes, the stock NiMH pack is not included with the ARF. The stock motor and prop (with your ESC) work very well using a 2-cell ThunderPower [link=http://www.hobby-lobby.com/thunderpower.htm]TP7302[/link] 730mAh pack from Hobby Lobby. You will have a bit more power and about triple the flight time.

ronwc 11-29-2006 02:35 PM

RE: COX Micro Warbird ARFs
I bought the Cox Corsair RTF for $89 and got it in yesterday - all stock. It came with a 3 channel FM radio on channel 22. Snapped it together and got it ready to fly in about 5 minutes. Charged it up today and got about 8 flights on it. It was a little windy but I was very happy with the plane. About 8 minute flight times, plenty of power, flew good on rudder/elevator - a lot of fun. It does fly kind of fast if your a beginner, but has positive control -

flydougfly 11-08-2020 06:39 AM

COX Micro Warbirds ARF
Just got 3 of these, still figureing them out . Your pictures helped, thanks.My instructions are in German.

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