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dennis 11-13-2017 10:21 AM

Sterling Navion C/L to RC
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I posted in a previous thread that I was converting an old Sterling Models Navion to RC. It is from about 1954/55 and had been resurrected as a Dare kit a few years ago. Why, simply because I had it and am not active in C/L much anymore. It is short coupled and should be more like a combat model than a sport flyer. Powered by a Potenza 10 is will be light years better powered than with an archaic Fox 35 from eons ago. This was a new build and was not too straightforward to do. Anyone considering this has some simple redesign to do the make it more compatible with current design practices.
I really don't know how well it will fly but flying something different is really the point of this exercise balance point is slightly farther back than designed but should be fine for its purpose.

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