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Mike Rojas 03-26-2002 05:31 PM

Giant SuDoKhoi?
I am thinking about building one of these.I would like any info from anyone who has built one.How difficult will it be to build.I have built several kits and many ARF's.Time is my only issue,how long should it take.Does anyone make a giant arf fun fly?

DMcQuinn 03-29-2002 03:26 AM

My favorite fun fly
I built a Morris Giant Su-Do-Khoi a few years ago and it was my favorite fun-fly ever. I may build another. Flew it for a couple hundred flights I guess before losing it to a mid-air.

It takes a while to build - perhaps 100-200 hours? The fuse is like a truss (they call it a egg-crate design). there are lots of pieces. the wing is typical d-tube but with in internal cardboard tube to accept the dowel joiner. Each wing removes from the fuselage for transport.

I flew mine with a Moki 180 (2C glow engine). this has relatively good power to weight. you could also use a gas engine, but I think it will end up a little heavier. The plane hovers well, flat spins, flies low and slow. handles well in the wind.

I also had a similar plane from aeroworks - the extra 300L profile fun fly. i liked the su-do-khoi better.

I have the instruction manual in DOC format. send me your email address and I will send it to you. I also have the DF file of the plans. If you can read DXF file (you will need a CAD program like autocad), I can send this to you also. [email protected]

mglavin 03-29-2002 08:02 AM

Giant SuDoKhoi?
Killer 3D model with a 2.6 gasser. You can hover/torque roll this sucker all over the runway and then some...

We tried many engine combos with this beast without a doubt the 2.6 gasser was king... :D

FlyHard 03-31-2002 02:41 PM

Giant SuDoKoi
Make sure you inventory the material supplied. Mine kit had lots of errors. Morris made good on them but it was a real pain. It's not a fast build but I didn't find any special difficulties.
You can see some pics of mine at

RC_Junky 03-31-2002 11:15 PM

Giant SuDoKhoi?

Very nice, I would love to see one fly. Anyone have any video of a giant funfly in action? Please post a link to it, thanks.

PaulSwany 04-01-2002 03:55 PM

Giant SuDoKhoi?
I was thinking of scratch building this plane..... just getting the ribs laser cut or something.... The plans are pretty straight forward... Instructions are okay.... I spent a hour friday reading thru the Instructions Dave sent me... What do you think about the Zenoah G 38 in this thing? I'd really like to get into gas....

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