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tipstall-RCU 04-04-2002 05:23 PM

Fazer Servos
Question for you.

I'm building a Sig Fazer and plan to use a .32SX. I'm trying to build it as light as possible. Am I wasting time switching from standard servos to Hitec 225's? 4 servos at a savings of .6 oz each (1.6-1.0) + a HS-81 for the throttle (1.6-.6) means 3.4 oz savings or .21 lbs.

I guess it would be fun if nothing else. Tell me what you think.


Kevins_RC 04-04-2002 08:27 PM

HiTec 225's
If you are building your SIG Fazer stock? Then they are all right. I have had the gears strip using 225's on Fun-Flys with significantly larger control surfaces than the Fazer. I would still recommend that if you use them, inspect them frequently. I personally have not had any luck with the HS-81 period, even on throttle. I realize that their sucess, HS 225s and HS 81s is purely dependent on how you treat them. I guess that I am too tough on them, but I have torquring my servos!!! :D

PaulSwany 04-04-2002 09:52 PM

Fazer Servos
I've looked at the hs 225's... I'd get the metal geared version and go for it... the HS 81 works great for throttle.. again.. go metal gear. I just flew my Fazer today... It's got a TT 46 on it and I really like to fly it.... My only thought on using a 32 is that the fuze is really heavy... Maybe build one up and sheet it?? Too much work?

Just build it really light.. If you can get it to 3 lbs 6 oz, the 32 outta do great... It will have a really low wing loading like that. Mine came out to 4 lbs 2 oz. Go with light foam wheels and what ever else you can think of to lighten it... the wing is pretty light as it is.. I wouldn't take anything from the already light wing structure...

Make sure to add an inch to the rudder and open up the angle in the elevator allow for more rudder throw. You might even want to add a little to the elevator while you're at it. My horz stab and elevator were on the weak side... I had to rebuild using 1/4 x 3/8 instead of 1/4 sq.. I had to add an ounce to the tail anyway even after I did the "4 stroke" modification to the nose.

Make sure to setup flaperon's on this.. Makes flat spins much easier and loops allot tighter.

Kevins_RC 04-04-2002 10:09 PM

Fazer Mods
I opened up the elevators to give me more stroke on the rudder so that I got a full +/- 45 degrees. I added 1-1/2 to 2 inches the back of the rudder and came over the top of the vertical stab with the rudder. I lengthen the elevators at least 1-1/2 inches. I also did what Paul suggested and constructed the perimeter of the control surfaces out of 1/4 x 3/8 balsa material. I also installed harden points (dowels) and installed flying wires (my first one the tail section broke off without the flying wires :eek: ). I also lightened up the fuse and laminated carbon fiber strips on both sides of the fuse. I did someother mods to my Fazer, but it was so long ago, I can't remember all of the mods I made. Too many airplanes and crashes since then :D
Hope that this helps!

m.gramling 04-05-2002 03:29 AM

Fazer Servos
This is a previous post from a friend of mine.

If you want to save weight on a Fazer and you using a .40 or less(plenty of
power).First copy the 2 very HEAVY pcs. of 1/8 ply fuse sides onto 1/64 ply( I built mine w/ 1/64) or 1/32 (more rigid) and throw away the 1/8 (to heavy) sheets. This is assuming that you know how to land an aircraft. I can't believe that they took painstaking steps to lighten the wing on this thing then kill it with an indestructable(or so you would think) fuse. This does not flex or cause bad vibrations. I did put a piece of 1/8 ply next to the L.G. for support,11/2in. square. My Fazer weighs 3lbs 2 oz. with an O.S..32 hovers @ 1/2 thro.no pipe.

The plan will fly great but if you can't grease a landing you will be repairing it alot. I have seen this plane fly. He scratch built it. He built his wing ribs out of 1/16 balsa. He didn't put pull pull on anyting. He used mini servos on everything, and micro on throttle. he is not lying about the weight. I weighed it at a post office scale. This plane in HIS hands flys better than anything I have ever seen. he would do inverted flat spins 3 feet off the ground, then he would make the inverted flat spin climb. He also got one fazer down to 3lbs even. He would fly his plane and never get above 15 ft. above the runway. Best fun fly pilot I have ever seen. He has moved to but he tought me a lot. He alway told me "Built them to fly, not to crash", "If you worry about crashing, you will never become a great fun fly pilot." We didn't call him "Killer Miller" for nothing.

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