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ty_edge_540t 07-13-2008 01:41 PM

I'm getting trouble with J1300
I have got in this trouble for 5 times . Before take-off , I checked everything carefully : Remove Air bubble, check fuel tanks , connector , sensor , battery voltage etc... After that , I started the engines and everything was good. Next step , I tested the engines with full power in 2 minutes and It worked perfectly . In my mind , I thought that I could enjoy my flight . Unfortunately , engines shut down automaticaly after I take-off ( about 20 second ) so I had to get in hard landing . After I took it back , I checked the shutdown data first . GDT showed : RPM 118.000 , EGT:702 . After that , I checked my receiver . There's no trouble with my receiver . Next time , I changed another ECU,fuel pump , checked the fuel tank , filter , EGT sensor (2mm plug in ), RPM sensor .... but I got in this trouble again . I've damaged 2 airplanes (SU 27 and F18) with this trouble . On the other hand , I helped my friend to build 3 airplanes ( SU 27 , F18 , F15 same with my airplanes) with another J1300 , there was no problem and they worked very well . I couldn't understand and recognize what happen with my engine . I haven't flown any airplane with this engine since I bought it . Would you please show me how to solve this problem ? Do I need send it to PST service for checking the problem ? Thanks for PST professional !

mselby 07-14-2008 04:28 AM

RE: I'm getting trouble with J1300
We are sorry you are having difficulty with your 1300. A few issues to check first.
Are you certain that the GDT numbers you are giving are the shut down data, rather than the max reading? It is unusual for an engine to shutdown under these parameters. The menu for this can be found in "show shut down data". Generally if the engine is working on the bench then there may be an installation related issue. There are a number of possible reasons for this including fuel supply which may include a problem with the pump. It could also involve glitches on the radio. We have a glitch counter inside the ECU, but it may be too late to check this. When the engine is run, what is the maximum pump voltage at Max RPM? When the engine shut down in flight was there a puff of white smoke?
Lets check a few things first please. First open the fuse holder and make sure there is a good contact so that there is no intermittant problem on the battery supply. Please check the EGT probe seating we want to ensure that it is not intermittant even though the depth of the probe is correct. If your friend has an engine, swap the EGT probe. Bench run the engine through its full range or ground run in the plane taxiing for several minutes, then hold and run up the throttle setting to full for a minute or two. Move the throttle control between mid point and full quickly to see if this causes a shut down. This could indicate a need to change ramp values. Let us know the results of the above please.
If the problem still exists then we will have you send the engine and ancillories back to us and have it back to you as quickly as possible.

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