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Rcpilot 05-05-2004 09:52 PM

Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?
I've just recieved this kit in the mail today.

I plan to build and fit with an OS 46FX with a pipe. Probably use Hitec 225s for the servos, and a 555RX.

Any problems with this kit? Incidence problems? Fuse. weakness? Tail problems?

Does it need any CF or reinforcement anywhere? I'm sure I'll beef the firewall.

Can I use a hole saw to core the wings before sheeting to shed some weight? Or would that weaken it too much?

Any suggestions or pointers would be helpful.

By the way-- how do they perform?


daven 05-05-2004 10:05 PM

RE: Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?
I built my first one in 1999, and flew it at the 2000 Nats. I love the way this plane flies ( I built it with the Standard Tail). Its not as fast as some of the current planes in 428, but I think it is plenty competitive in the 424, or APRA class I believe they race in your area.

I still use it as a backup at our local NCPL races. The firewall is definately a weak spot, make sure you reinforce it inside with tri stock and possibly Carbon Fiber and Finishing resin.

I don't remember any major issues other than the firewall, your servo choices are fine. I probably wouldn't hollow the wing out any, as you can keep this close to weight as it is. I do remember the tail area to be a bear to cover, but that was about it.

The laser cutting, and tab and slot construction were instrumental in parts of the design in my current plane the "Seeker".

Rcpilot 05-05-2004 10:56 PM

RE: Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?
I have considered building it with the standard tail. It's simpler to get the incidence right, at least for me it is.;)

I don't know squat about drag and flying characteristics between the V-tail or the standard. I've got a Vipor 500 GP, with V-tail. It's a Pain in the @$$ to get it airborne and flying. Ground steering sucks; it has none.

Maybe the standard tail on the Dominator would be easier on the ground.

Should I wrap CF around the OUTSIDE of the FW? Or just add CF in the corners on the INSIDE?

I have some CF tape thats 3/8" wide. I could start on the fuse side and run it up and around the FW and then back down the other side of the fuse. Maybe finish it with some thinned epoxy.

daven 05-06-2004 07:03 AM

RE: Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?
What I do, is mix up a batch of finishing resin in a small cup. I then mix Chopped Carbon Fiber (About 1/4" long in length) into the resin making a CF / resin mixture. I mix quite a bit of the CF in to the resin, you do not want this soupy, but kinda thick. I then carfully push this into the corners of the firewall/fuse joint trying to keep everything laying flat against the wood.

Do this after you have your blind nuts installed, just be carefull not to get any of the mixture into the blind nut threads. It will help keep you blind nuts from falling out the back also.

splatt 05-06-2004 09:07 AM

RE: Lanier Dominator 500-building hints?


It's a Pain in the @$$ to get it airborne and flying. Ground steering sucks; it has none.
Quickees have no "ground steering", you run them up and give them a push, that;s how it's done. Then land them shut it off and go pick um' up

Chefia 05-30-2019 08:32 AM

I see is a very old post. But I buy one kit and planing build V tail. It's need reinforcement on v tail? I go use OS 55AX with Jett pipe

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