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freeair 09-05-2008 02:24 AM

Guys, just thinking about the weight of the VIPER and other simular quicky models that have the foam veneer wing. to me the fuselage is light enough but the wing is rather heavy, naturally the lighter the better for all out speed etc so i was thinking of constructing a built up wing with full balsa sheet covering plus the use of good spruce and carbon fibre flat lenghts for the main rib holdings etc. i know this wing would be very strong and warp free plus no doubt half the weight of these foam wings when finished but i would like to know your advice ?

TCH_27 09-05-2008 03:26 AM

I so make for mines.
I use two balsa 1/4 x 1/4 at the max thickness and two balsa 1/5 x 1/8 more far 2 inch.
Two 1/8 plywood 15 (front) and 10 (rear) inch lenght and 1/16 vertical balsa connect them.
The nervures (not sure of the word) are 1/16 balsa, two are 1/8 plywood (on the fuselage aera bay).
I use 1/25 (1 mm) plywood at the bottom trailing edge.
The whole is covered with 1/16 balsa. I never use fiber glass or carbon finish.
After vinyle finishing, my last wing weighs less than a pound with two servos 1 oz each.


PS : I am sorry, but my English is limited enough (I use a translator from internet).

daven 09-05-2008 06:57 AM

With the new minimum weight limit for quickie (3 lbs 12 oz) its not that difficult to build a very strong plane under the limit.

A 18 oz wing (including servo and linkage)
and a 2 lb 10 oz fuse (Includes everything)

You can add a lot of Carbon, and or Fiberglass to both the wing and fuse and still make weight. Most of my quickies carry lead to meet the minimum limit.

freeair 09-23-2008 01:16 AM

finally got the Viper built up wing into construction , after alot of measuring etc i,ve got the exact wing root profile as the viper foam wing has. i made up 2 x wing rib templates that will be the outers for the balsa sandwhich pieces that will be cut to these exact templates, this wing is being built in one piece [ no half join ] with 48 inch lengths of 1/4 x 1/4 inch spruce for rib longerons [4 of ] 1/4 inch hard balsa for the leading edge and profiled balsa for the trailing edges and ailerons, light maranty timber will be used for wing bolt support areas and to make up the other 4 inches of wing span i will use 2 inch balsa block to each tip, all will be covered with 1/16 inch balsa and maybe a light fibreglass centre patch could be added but i reallly feel this wing won,t snap too easy. i must admit i hate building wings compared to fuselages but i have no choice due to availability of light foam wings.

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