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DonStegall 05-19-2009 08:08 PM

The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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I've got to build some wood V-tails and some V-tail jigs to send out to some people. Plus some people have been waiting on plans. Since I tend to get things done on the web site quicker because I can break it down into pieces, I'm doing the plans and instructions on the web site at [link=http://www.houseofpylon.com/Q500/Smasher/WoodVTail.aspx]Building the Wood V-Tail[/link]. I will post here and try to keep that page updated. Questions here will help me refine the content there, so speak up if something is not clear.

The Smasher V-tail is very easy to build if you have the jig. because the stab saddle is at 0 degrees, all you have to do is build a stab at 0 degrees. That's actually pretty easy. The saddle on the Smasher is 1" wide at the front and 0.8" at the rear. It is 5" long. So you cut a piece of FLAT 1/4" plywood that is 5" long and 3/4" wide and bolt it down to the jig. With the supports in place, you sand the angle into the stab halves and glue them to the plywood. All of this will become clear.

The first step is to build the V-Tail jig. This jig not only works for the Smasher, but is great for other V-tails as well.

This is the jig without the supports on it. This is what we have to build. Mine is built on a piece of 3/4" MDF that is 12" x 24". The ones I build to send out to people are approximately 11" x 11" so I can ship them easily.

The PDF drawings are at [link=http://www.houseofpylon.com/Q500/Smasher/WoodVTail/V_Tail_Detail.pdf]V_Tail_Detail.pdf[/link] and [link=http://www.houseofpylon.com/Q500/Smasher/WoodVTail/V_Tail_Support.pdf]V_Tail_Support.pdf[/link]

I use the 12" x 24" piece of MDF so I can measure the tips. With the smaller jig, you just have to measure from the table top if you need to.

Print out 2 copies of the Detail sheet. We need two of the angle pieces with the hole in them.

Even if you haven't bought a Smasher, you can follow along and build a tail. Then when you get the tail done, all you need is a fuselage to bolt it to. ;)

DonStegall 05-19-2009 09:37 PM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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Just so you have an idea of what we're building, here is a wood tail that I partially built and then handed off to someone else who finished the linkage and hinges.

You don't have to do skinned hinges and you definitely don't need the carbon fiber on the elevators.

DonStegall 05-20-2009 05:40 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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I revised the V_Tail_Detail.pdf file because the upper right angle piece was a legacy from when I was designing the jig. Now you only need to print one copy of this PDF.

After cutting the base MDF to size, cut out the drawing for the base. The areas where the support holders are going to go are cut out.

Then the paper is flipped over and 3M77 is sprayed on it. While it is still wet, attach it to the base.

Now drill and tap 10-24 holes at the holes 1/2" from the front and back. Alignment of these holes is critical and you must use a drill press. If you mess up, flip over the piece of MDF and try again on the other side. Just make sure you orient the paper so the holes will not be in the same area.

After tapping the holes, soak in some thin CA. Let it fully harden, then re-tap the holes. finally buff the top of the holes with some sandpaper, but don't mess up the drawing.

DonStegall 05-20-2009 06:59 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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Next I make the support holders.

I 3M77 them to some MDF and cut them out. These are not super critical.

After cutting them out, drill and tap for 1/4-20. CA the holes, then re-tap.

DonStegall 05-20-2009 07:04 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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The support holders are glued to the base. I just use TiteBond and make sure that any excess is removed. I use a chisel. This is important because the supports will be right against the holder and they need to contact the base for correct registration.

The last picture is a set of the supports. These are some I had already made. I'm going to show you how to make 4 identical pieces, because these ARE critical in terms of the angle.

wrstew 05-20-2009 07:57 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
Guys- on printing the pdf files Don has given us (thanks Don!~) don't do what I did, the default setting on my printer was "fit to page" and the scale came out wrong.  Select no scale, or whatever your printer has for "don't mess this up!"        by " Wrong Size, Again"

DonStegall 05-20-2009 01:16 PM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
I have added a warning on the page on my web site about using Scaling: None.

I have also updated all of the drawings with a reference measurement.

I now have a new stab [link=http://www.houseofpylon.com/Q500/Smasher/WoodVTail/V_Tail_Stab2.pdf]V_Tail_Stab2.pdf[/link] without the points. As well as the original stab [link=http://www.houseofpylon.com/Q500/Smasher/WoodVTail/V_Tail_Stab.pdf]V_Tail_Stab.pdf[/link] on the page.

Advanced testing on the Smasher has shown that it is indeed very clean, but that the pointy tips on the composite tail MAY be a source of slight drag over some magic MPH number.

Assembling and shaping the pointy tips is extra work. So I'm going to start making wood tails without the points because I can make the tails faster and more consistent. I still think the pointy tips look cool. ;)

goplaneman 10-13-2011 02:22 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
Do you still have the .pdf for download? the linls no longer work.

GSJames 10-13-2011 06:22 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
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I don't believe that Don is currently active. Attached are the files.

goplaneman 10-13-2011 06:52 AM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
Thank you so very much.

sahartman21 10-13-2011 05:12 PM

RE: The Smasher - Building the Wood V-Tail
My Smasher flies great. I am currently flying powering mine with a Jett 426 engine.

Mine ended up needing some nose weight to balance. I think this was due to a long tail moment and the lightweight 426 engine.

If you plan on using a 426 or other lightweight engine, then a lightweight tail is required to avoid nose weight.

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