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Quadra problems all around me...

Old 12-14-2007, 12:49 PM
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Default Quadra problems all around me...

First problem engine is a Q40 with 2 rings.

Blowing gas out of the carb at higher RPM and very hard to to get running consistently.
Replaced the rings, and installed a Bennet velocity stack.
Still doing the same thing.

Second one is an older Q50 with magneto that is brand new never been run.

Can't seem to get this motor to start.
Flipped it for over an hour last night and boy are my arms shot!

Got it to pop twice and run once for about 8 seconds before it quit and that was all she wrote.
I got it to pop when I really primed the heck out of it and got the plug real wet. But can't get it to do it again.
In checking the spark, it gets enough and hot enough that it should fire when you flip it but bear in mind this is without the plug in to create compression so the flywheel magnets pass the coil faster than they would with the plug in.If you flip it about the speed it would be with the plug in it's hit or miss as to whether you even get a spark.
I know if I put a spring starter on it it would start right up but I'd rather not add the weight.
Would setting the coil/magneto gap make any difference? Such as throw a hotter spark? Any one know what this gap should be? Doesn't say in the manual.

I'm thinking as a last resort I'd throw an electronic ignition module on it. If I could just get Ralph at RC Ignitions to return a phone call or an email!!!
Old 12-14-2007, 01:35 PM
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Default RE: Quadra problems all around me...

Set the coil gap to the thickness of a business card
Old 12-24-2007, 11:29 PM
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Default RE: Quadra problems all around me...

I have CH-Ignition on all of my Quadras and US engines. They work brate.

Old 12-27-2007, 09:46 AM
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Default RE: Quadra problems all around me...

Hey sodbuster, Ralph C is a long time friend and I believe hes out of town for the holidays. I am very familiar with Quadras we work on them all the time. Once the plug gets wet, it basically shorts out, you may get a weak spark with the plug setting on the head, but when you put it back in under compression it wont spark, maybe a little but not all the time. New plugs is a must, they wont clean themselves because it wont run long enough to get hot and burn all the crap out of them. Since you dont have a giant electric starter to spin it over real fast and blow the crap out, you have to do it your self. If you have a sullivan starter for the small engines, you can take the plugs out and spin the crap out of the engines. When you turn the engines with the electric starter, open the throttle and see if the fuel mixture blows out of the plug holes when you give it full throttle and does it quit when you close the throttle. It will really blow out of the hole if the carb isnt plugged some where. Usually when a guy tries for an hour to start an engine the engine will load up on fuel and the situation goes from bad to impossible. All 2 stroke engines need to have fuel inside the crankcase to lubricate the parts, then it makes its way to the upper cylinder to make it run, but when the crankcase is so full of fuel it drenches the plugs, and once they are shorted out theres not much you can do to clean them out . Spin the engine without the plugs in, untill the plugs holes arnt spewing the fuel mixture out the holes. Put in a new plug and try to start it by flipping it. All this means nothing if you spin it and dont get the plug holes to spew the fuel mixture out when you open the throttle. The carbs will be plugged up somewhere, or a hole in the fuel line can cause it not to pump. The diaphragm in the carb can be dried out and not pumping, the needle and seat can be plugged or stuck causing it not to pump fuel.The spray at the carb opening can be caused by a leaky reed that doesnt close all the way, or a way too rich setting on a carb. Its normal for a carb to have what they call a plume at the opening of the carb if it is a piston ported engine and not a case reed induction engine. I dont know what yours engines are, if they have reeds check to see if they are damaged, if they are, they will backfire thru the carb. It boils down to this, It seems you have spark, and if it sparks at the right time, and it will with the magneto with a new plug, you have half the battle won. The next thing is the fuel, If you have the spark plug hole spewing the fuel mixture, your engine will run If your carbs are set right. Heres a good starting place with your needles, Turn the high and low needles in untill they seat. Dont turn them in to hard and wreck the seat, then turn the large high speed needle out 3 turns, turn the low Idle needle out 2 1/2 turns. When it starts you can lean the needles out one at a time starting with the high needle, then the low idle side needle. Let me know what happens, .......Dick S.
Old 12-28-2007, 09:04 AM
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Default RE: Quadra problems all around me...

thanks Dick,
Got the Quadra 50 running pretty well but had to throw a spring starter on it to get a hot enough spark to start it. Just too weak a or none at all at hand flipping speed under compression. Magnets just don't pass the magneto fast enough I guess. Gap is set right and with a new plug. Starts on the first or second shot using a spring starter just hate using the things for the added weight and the chance the one way clutch bearing locks up or blows out.

The Q 40 is another story. Replaced the rings, threw a velocity stack on it and still getting a LOT of fuel blowing back out the carb from midrange on up to full throttle. If I lean out either needle it just won't start or run. Have the low speed needle set around 2 1/2 turns out and the high speed around 1 1/8 out. One weird things is this: if I place my hand between the prop wash (engine running at full throttle)and the carb blocking air passing across the throat of the carb but not blocking the carb throat it immediately sounds like the engine starts to gurgle like it's way too rich.
These are older Quadras no reeds on them

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