Has anyone heard of leaving a bubble trail? I thought it would be cool to leave a bubble trail behind much like the guys with smoke but not sure how to go about this. Any ideals? Thanks Bruce
RE: bubbles
How cool would the grandkids think of this. I have no idea how to start, but there are several bubble generators available for parties etc. Seems like a very slow flyer with some kind of bubble generator mounted on or in it might work. Keep us posted.
RE: bubbles
This is your typical bubble gun

You have a small fluid pump driven by a worm gear off the blower motor.
That pumps soap mix over the bubble ring with a catch cup to return excess bubble fluid to the bottle.
Cut off the handle and bottle mount.
Mount it under the wing or fuse as a pod with a servo to move the trigger mechanism.
rig it with a remote tank and battery.

I say use a servo to pull the trigger because I think it also operates the dip movement for the bubble ring.

The guns sell for a buck or two so hacking a few up to experiment with won't break the bank.