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Twinstar II FPV Build Options - 1.3ghz plan and thoughts?

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Twinstar II FPV Build Options - 1.3ghz plan and thoughts?

Old 05-28-2015, 07:37 AM
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Default Twinstar II FPV Build Options - 1.3ghz plan and thoughts?

I have a Twinstar II which i originally built back in 2007 (linked here from my website log-see for videos and pics, but ill include many details in this thread)..

I'm finally getting around to going beyond my videos i've done with the 808#16 keychain camera and going to put 1.3ghz video on the bird.

Here are some specs on what i've got going on to this point:

-Foam is getting worn on some edges, so that said, i'm going to shrink/laminate it using 1.7ml thick laminate which should help on the belly section too
-Ill cut away a side panel on the mid-rear section of the plane and create hinges to get at a section for the control receiver and further back to get at the OSD/RTH/GPS, though that may not be needed, can probably access from the open area below wing?
-Engines.. i had to change to Turnigy SK3-2822-1090kv motors (down from 1200kv or so on the old ones i had).. not sure if related but I had just started using a zippy flightmax 4000mah 3S1p 30C lipo (upgrade from 3200mah) and suddenly one of my engines props blew off, the mount broke.. about to change into these new engines and retest before adding the FPV..
-Current Battery: the flightmax 4000mah 3s1p 30C lipo and also have some cellpro CP-3200-3S-N 20C 3200mah ones
-Current Charger: 1C (3amp max) Cellpro 4S charger balancer (only can do one battery at a time, must use direct to battery at field if desired), takes about 45+ min for one full charge.
-Current Transmitter: Futaba 6xA 72mhz
-Old props: APC 8x4e LP08040E
-New props (havent tested yet) Graupner 8x5e (about $20 for two)

On to the forthcoming changes/fpv portions:

I'm planning on going with a single battery, using a filter to filter out the dc power.. adding/switching to a 5k mah battery.. below are all the parts i think i need, including misc. cables etc.. curious if i have missed anything.. also.. I will probably just use my Sony AS20 as the main camera (single camera) as many are using it and it seems to work fine with minimal latency.. though i'm including a runcam sky2 below as a possible secondary option (thoughts on it..?)...

Camera (HD recording and FPV): Sony AS20 action cam (already have)
Camera cable: Sony Action Cam Multicable (strip off the rca's and connect to the video transmitter cable with stripped ends there too?)
*Second camera (FPV only): Runcam Sky2 800VLT (unsure how good this one is latency wise and whether to get the IR sensitive version better for low light and go with 110 degree version) $38.99 seems a steal
Audio (if i dont use the HD cam with audio) 3 pin microphone

Twinstar II Pan/Pod kit
Twinstar II Pro CXN version that holds Both cams (eventually), better to have than the wood version (add-on)

Video Receiver (ground): 1.3ghz ReadyMadeRC (RMRC) with saw filters
Video Receiver Battery 1300mah 35C 3S1p (unsure how long this will power the receiver, 1 hour?)
2.1mm barrell adapter
**Receiver 1.3ghz 8dbi patch antenna (on tripod) (would this work with the stock antenna on the video tx.. i wouldnt use this patch antenna if using blubeam cloverleaf on the video tx, i'd use another blubeam here, on a tripod?)

**Eventually the dual output $89 EagleTree Ground station? (one to laptop, one to a screen or goggles)

Video Transmitter on plane 800mw (i considered 400mw but going with 800mw).. (out of stock online)
Camera cable (4 wire for cameras with audio) 12" JR style
Transmitter cable for OSD (large for 800mw and 12")
Transmitter Antenna ibcrazy blubeam omni cloverleaf ? (if go with this, same one on the receiver end)
Low Pass filter between blubeam antenna and transmitter? (mainly to shield against 2.4ghz, dont have 2.4ghz, but should still do so?)

LC filter for DC power (solder EagleTree vector wired version to this?)

**unsure if this is needed? 5Amp power regulator (for the camera interface perhaps?)


EagleTree Vector with Wires (for connecting to voltage regulator?)
Vector Airspeed expander with Pitot
EagleTree USB cable

New Flight battery options:

-Zippy Compact 5000mah 3s1p 40C with max charge of 2c (10amps?)
-nano tech 5000mah 3s1p 25-50c (fast charge up to 15C?)
-Getfpv Lumenier 5200mah 3S 35C lipo (reports are takes 60-90 min at 5.2amps to charge) expensive at $52.99 (but better support on bad batteries from getfpv?)

Also may want to replace my battery charger with something that can do two batteries at once and hopefully via a car inverter or direct cig lighter ?
Option: UltraPower dual port 10amps each with 300 watt PSU (though in theory on a 10amp fuse, thats 120 watt max, so may not work inside car?)
Car inverter: 400 watt 5amp max (as mentioned 120 watt might be the max that really works in car)

Video Output?
RMRC 7" Video screen for now or 8" one like this RMRC??
-scrapping idea of a 2nd screen, but will use a y RCA cable split between goggles and my laptop screen

Later on:
Oculus Rift (was planning on getting anyway)..
Shark Predator V2?

EDIT: thinking of going with the HK Quantum DIY V2 goggles when they come out (should be $30-$40), or maybe the new headplay HD goggles ($250)

Misc items:
Industrial Strength velco
5 minute epoxy Devcon (foam safe?)
Double Sided Servo tape for vid transmitter, camera, tilt (or double sided 10lb 3m scotch tape)?
Rare Earth Magnets for making the hatch near rear of the plane for the Vid equip
or Nylon hinges

Control Options

Use existing 72mhz? (may only get 3/4 mile range.. goal overall is to hit at least 2 miles video and control)
Go with UHF + Frsky Taranis X9D plus

Ezuhf starter package with Ezuhf 8 channel lite and transmitter module with Futaba trainer cable $289
**uhf antenna on plane: dipole 433mhz ibcrazy semi-rigid?? (both on plane and on the transmitter or just on the plane?)
30 cm SMA male to SMA female RG316 Extension cable (i think needed)

UPDATE: i will be selling my 6xa transmitter.. i found the taranis and am going to order the Frsky JR ezuhf module that goes right in the transmitter.

Im thinking i may need a power extension somewhere in here.. i read somewhere someone used a cat6 cable somehow to route power.. i may also be missing a few other cables and parts.. unsure..

Any thoughts on this build setup so far? I was originally trying to keep the cost at a minimum, seems i blew that concept away so far... havent even got to goggles yet either.

Thanks in advance..

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i'm thinking of changing to the RunCamHD with F2.8 lens as my single and only camera.. i've read great things about it.. especially with the 2.8 lens.. might simplify things a bit. (its 1080p30 or 720p60 and 120 degree fov)

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