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Default Flaps

On a Great Planes Cherokee kit I have the flaps. This is an older kit I built, not an ARF.I tried the flaps for the first time and it did not seem to have any effect on the plane.I am new to flaps and I was expecting the plane to slow alot for landing and be very stable. The plane just behaved as if no flaps.Also this plane seems to be very sensitive to aileron movement. I have 30% expo on the ailerons and slowed the aileron speed which helped.Also this old kit does not list a high and a low travel for the control surfaces.The newer ARF's do.What do you think?
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It really depends on how you deployed them. How much travel (best to just post a picture) do you have on the flaps while landing?
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It would help to know the approximate angle of the flaps when deployed. A picture would do.
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The plane is now packed for my upcoming move to Texas. The construction manual said 3/4 inch down from the closed position which is level with the wing.About 75 degrees.I was expecting a big ballooning and lift but it didn't seem to have any affect on the plane . The switch adds full deflection when it is used.Does anyone else have this plane and do you use the flaps?

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The flap effect is often not huge. After all, no full scale designer would make a plane that ballooned hard on landing if they wanted pilots to fly them. That doesn't mean flaps aren't a vital part of some designs, only that their effect is more subtle than that.

As for your ailerons, you probably just have too much throw. turn it down a little at a time until you like the feel.
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Default flaps

I have been using flaps for some time, generally on P51's just to slow them down a little for landing. I use 20% for take off and full for landing.

I do get ballooning with full flaps, I mix in some down elev. to over come the ballooning . I like to have just a little more down than level flight. I would rather pull back on the stick than push forward, as it seems do less up/down effect.

When you say flaps, they are on the inside of the wing close to the fuse?

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