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ROBERT C. KLINE 10-15-2013 05:10 PM

Krill 35% Extra 300
Can anyone tell me where I can get a Manual for the Krill 35% Extra 300. I have checked Krill's site, no luck. Called Chief where the plane was recently bought and they said when you find one, let us know. I hate to start on a expensive arf without some directions, tips on how to do's, placement of components, throws and most of all the CG range. I did go on line and found some pictures, but not sure if they are the plane I want to start building. I have heard that I need a good grade expoxy, such as Hysol and not the typical Mercury products (CA'S) and or Bob Smith Epoxy's. Any help whatsoever will be appreciated.
Thanks Bob

speedracerntrixie 10-15-2013 06:14 PM

Bob, I have constructed a few of the Krill Katanas and a ton of Comp ARF airplanes. As far as CG is concerned you should start at the forward edge of the blade joiner. I have to agree that most hobby epoxies are junk. As a composites tech I have been spoiled with the products we use at work. Hysol products are the most readily available. I suggest that you pick up some Cabosil, 5K CF tow and some 1" fiberglass tape. When prepping to bont parts into the fuse you will want to scuff up the surface and then clean with alcohol. I will typically glue the piece in place with a mixture of epoxy and cabosil then apply the 5K CF tow into the corners and cover the joint with the 1" glass tape. If I remember correctly Krill does not supply ant real way to secure the fuel tank tray into the fuse. What I did was to run a couple CF rods across the fuse and then with nylon cable clamps screw the tank tray to the rods. The ignition module and battery was secured to the motor box and the batteries were on the CG. I will try to locate some pictures online. I did not keep any myself because the airplane was built for the now defunct downonthedeck.com website. I did however find this video of the airplane in flight.


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