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gphil 06-01-2015 09:12 AM

Will gas tubing tolerate nitro fuel ??? Probably not but wanted to ask..... gphil:cool:

BarracudaHockey 06-01-2015 11:47 AM

You want to use Tygon or Viton on gas and silicon style on glow.

Don't mix and match

Gray Beard 06-01-2015 08:22 PM

I haven't ever had a problem with Tygon and glow fuel but glow fuel type line turns into slime in a hart beat with gas. It softens quickly. When I worked in a small engine repair shop and people relined there gas tanks with the glow fuel line it came out looking like bubble gum.

bikerbc 06-02-2015 02:01 PM

Yes Tygon will work with glow fuel but silicone fuel line will not work with gas . Its best to keep them seperate .

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