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tazzzz 06-01-2015 03:50 PM

eneloop batteries
I just purchased 3 2000ma 9.6volt batteries from Hangtime. I have an accucycle elite charger. I not much on understanding batteries. with that said....they say to slow charge the new battery before using them. Im just not sure of the proper rates to charge them at. Can anyone tell me the rates I should them at on this particular charger? Should I charge them fully before I cycle them?...I guess Im more concerned with the slow charge aspect,,as they say not to charge to slowly.. What does it mean when they 1.5 to 2 c-rate. Enough questions-----------------ok.
Thx in advance==TAZZZZ

scale only 4 me 06-01-2015 03:54 PM

50 mah, or use a wall wart charger that comes with radios

2c means two times capacity, for a 2000 that's 4 amps, . But I never charge nimh more than 1c

TFF 06-01-2015 04:12 PM

1/10C is safe but you could go 1/5C. the problem is wall-warts that 1/10C for 600mah cant break the threshold amps to charge for the big batterys.

Steve Percifield 06-02-2015 02:19 AM

My 2000 mah Eneloops say charge at 200 mah for 14 hours. I will normally do this for 3 cycles and then charge them at 2c , as long as I'm using them. If I leave them set for several months, I go back to the 200 for 14 hours. I normally keep my batteries on trickle charge while in storage. I just found one I had forgot about in a plane. I charged it at 200 for 14 hours and got 2035 mah after discharge. It had set in the plane since last august.

Rodney 06-02-2015 02:37 AM

Yes, charging at 0.1C for 14 to 16 hours is always the safe way and the way that gives you the longest battery life. Also, at that rate, should you forget and leave it on charge for a long time, no damage will be done. I have used Eneloops for several years and find then to be ultra reliable and they do hold a charge for months of storage. I never fast charge them so can not say how well they hold up when doing that.

scale only 4 me 06-02-2015 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by TFF (Post 12048055)
1/10C is safe but you could go 1/5C. the problem is wall-warts that 1/10C for 600mah cant break the threshold amps to charge for the big batterys.

Then I wonder how they've worked for me all these years.

Champ-RCU 06-02-2015 05:10 AM

What chargers are you using to charge a 2000 mAH battery at 1/10c? I was trying to get a charger off of Peak that is touted as their Sirius Charge Pro Former. Their web site and procedures to purchase are questionable in my mind. (Such as don't take CC or PayPal, send you an invoice with no return address with a note any questions to call them. If I needed to call them to order product why putz with all the other stuff. Are they scammers? I don't know, just don't trust what you need to go thru to get an order.)

Rodney 06-02-2015 05:46 AM

As long as your charger puts out more current than the self discharge rate of the battery (which is usually well less than 1 milliampere) and the open circuit voltage of the charger is greater than the voltage of the battery you are charging the battery will reach full charge if left on the charger long enough. It is a simple fact of physics.

Champ-RCU 06-02-2015 06:54 AM

Thanks Rodney, however what charger do you use. By the way in my previous post on Peak, I'm not saying that they are not ligit. It just feels to me like the scenario some went thru with organizations like RCM Plans. I would have no problem ordering from Peak if I heard from others who have done so successfully.


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