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Champstarr 07-31-2015 06:51 PM

Upsizing Engine and Fuel Tank
Aloha RCU Flyers,

I have decided to incorporate a FPV system into one of my Avistar Elite planes. Depending on how much weight is ultimately added I may need to upsize the engine from the current and recommended .46 OS glow engine to a .55 OS. I would also want to upsize the tank from the 8 ounce to a 12 ounce. My question is are there any hard rules about matching a certain tank to a specific glow engine size?

I have read through many threads on changing fuel tank size and the responses are varied. I am seeking a little more clarity on this.
If it's relevant I am also considering the 10cc Evolution gas engine as an option.


Gray Beard 08-01-2015 03:45 PM

A hard and fast rule, nope, not really. The old rule of thumb is about one ounce of fuel per minute of flight for an average. There is almost no difference between the .46 and the .55 as far as fuel consumption but the .55 has a bit more torque. You can compare them just by reading the specs on the OS site.
I'm betting John has done the fuel testing on these two engines for long range or cross country flying and will post up with some facts.

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