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ETpilot 09-29-2015 04:08 AM

Snake in the Workshop
So yesterday I am working in the shop. I go to get a plastic bag that I needed. As I walk past the bathroom door, I hear a hiss n see this black snake slithering to the bathroom n into the shower stall. It sure got my heart thumping. I figure I can get that snake out so I go get a grabber. I return n the snake is now behind the toilet. Good it is cornered I can get it.

WRONG. I can see the head n the tail then it just disappears. I figure it is coiled behind the toilet. But, I cannot see it. I take a closer look n snake is gone. I look at my toilet water pipe n see a little bit larger hole in the wall for exit of the pipe. Now I have a snake in the wall in a 16" on center wall framing area. I got some paper towel n plugged the hole. Then I put a 2x4 across the door threshold n placed a piece of railroad track to hold it in place n lock the snake in the bathroom. I then spend the rest of the day thinking how I am going to get that snake out. If anyone has a suggestion please advise.

So so this morning I will look thru the window to if the snake is out. I will just open the door n hope it just leaves. If it is not out, I plan to sprinkle some powder on the floor, place bags all over the place n open the hole. The bags will make noise to alert me n the powder will indicate snake movement if the bag trick does not work. I plan to clear the area so the snake can just slither out the shop door n back to the pasture. Wish me good luck.

beepee 09-29-2015 08:48 AM

Ouch! Hope it is not a family living in there. Getting rid of one might not be the end of your dilemma.

Good luck,


ETpilot 09-29-2015 09:11 AM

Originally Posted by beepee (Post 12106256)
Ouch! Hope it is not a family living in there. Getting rid of one might not be the end of your dilemma.

Good luck,


I was thinking the same thing. I've been very careful moving about the shop. The snake never came out overnight. I have an exit channel set up. I've checked the paper n powder I placed in the bathroom but no signs of movement. I plan to leave the door open overnight and see if it might slither out. Thanks for that Good Luck. I need it.

Charlie P. 09-29-2015 09:26 AM

Our cats frequently bring us little ringneck snakes - black snakes with a white collar under their chin. Maybe two a month in the summer.

This alarms my wife to no end because we only have indoor cats!

It's probably just a harmless rat snake. Better to have than not for mouse and rat protection (If a snake is getting in so are mice). Sure they alarm you, but otherwise snakes don't do much harm. Mice, on the other hand, can be very destructive.

52larry52 09-29-2015 03:07 PM

Maybe it's an "Air Cobra" and wants a ride.:rolleyes:

foodstick 09-29-2015 04:05 PM

Now i have no idea if your snake is dangerous or not?

But if you don't like snakes in the shop you'll HATE this story..
A friend of mine moved on to an old farm property, there was an old chicken coop about 15 by 25 foot .. he stripped it down and turned it into a really nice shop with a paint booth on one end. Everything was fine and dandy and then one day snakes just started to appear all over the place.. he finally came to the conclusion that quite a few harmless types like garden snakes and bull snakes had been breeding in and around this building for years...

he always talks about it like it was that one scene from Indiana Jones ! hahahaha

Anyhow I am not sure exactly how he got it under control but it seems to be a problem from the past now.

CafeenMan 09-30-2015 12:33 AM

Personally, I'd just decide it's my shop mascot and leave it alone unless it started causing a problem as long as I was positive it wasn't venomous. I like snakes though. They fascinate me. I love to just watch them move around.

And like spiders, I like them a lot better than what they eat so like the man said, better the snake in the shop than its food.

If it starts making lots of babies there won't be enough food for all of them and they'll move along on their own.

I don't have any tips for getting rid of it. I'd start by using my friends at the Googles to see what I could turn up that way. Maybe if there's a switch plate or power outlet you could take off the cover and spray something in there that the snake wouldn't like too much - something stinky but not deadly that won't harm the walls and that might drive him out.

If nothing already there then drill a small hole to spray through and see if that works. If no joy then call an exterminator and see if they'll give you free phone advice.

ETpilot 09-30-2015 03:45 AM

This snake is a harnless black snake about 4-5 footer. While harnless it could give a nasty bite on the hand or finger. Having it in the shop area would be no problem. I could get it n take to the pasture. Having it inside the wall is another problem.

I checked all all over yesterday for signs it may have gotten out another way. No signs of it yesterday. I will check this morning to see if it slithered out last night. I'm going to give it a few days. When it gets hungry it will be looking for food. It may come out then. After some days I will seal that hole. I'll check to see if there is anything I can spray in the wall. Thanks for the replies.

I can can see myself using the toilet n having the snake slide past my leg.

This is occupying my time. I have a plane I need to finish.

rt3232 09-30-2015 06:21 AM


Just read your thread and (can't help it jaughing )
So you might check your hdw store for a gopher smoke bomb to find the entry point, and when finished just ventilate really well

Cheers and Good luck

Bob T

ETpilot 09-30-2015 07:02 AM

Well, SUCESS. I think. I checked the bathroom n saw random marks in the powder. Not made by any animal. They were short sliding type marks. Then one long skinny mark about 14 inches long heading towards the bathroom door. Dummy me I forgot to put powder by my exit channel to see that it left the building.

So so now I have the bathroom door sealed off. Give it a few days checking then seal that hole. Feeling better already.

flyingagin 09-30-2015 09:48 AM

Good you can get back to building real soon now.
I found a snake in my garage when I stopped work on a plane temporarily to clean the garage out.
Picked up a pile of rags (no gloves on and held to my chest) to take outside and just dropped them on the driveway. Out pops a snake. I jumped back and took a look at it. Rattlers. backed up some more as the demon snake is striking at me, jumping about 5 foot or so each time (seemed really mad). Almost peed my pants. Found a long 2x4 and turned it into a California flat snake. Got a garden hoe and chopped it's head off. By Then there were about 4 or 5 of us out there. A bit close examination and we determined that it was a baby Diamond Back.

Real close call. Babies can't control how much venom they inject. They will likely inject a lot more venom into you. From that standpoint much more dangerous than adults, more lethal.
Still creeps me out.


Charlie P. 09-30-2015 10:33 AM

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I' m sure if we had venomous ones my attitude would be different.

At our place (a log ranch in the woods with a creek and pasture beside us) we seem to attract ground spiders. Wolf, grass and these black numbers with a white stripe called "Parson spiders" that I had not encountered before. "Harmless" according to those who follow such things but they seem to be able to about stop my heart when I catch one making a dash across the floor after sunset. Little friggen eight-legged mice! "No worse than a bee sting". I don't particularly like bee stings, personally.

This time of year when it's starting to get cold I'll sometimes have one a two a night in the cellar or kitchen/dining room. Just big enough to give you the heebie-jeebies!


We used to have a boat up on Seneca Lake and there I learned about "Fishing Spiders". I had no idea NY had a spider that size. They went 3" (including legs - but that's the size of my palm) and more than once I pulled out a coffee cup that had a guest inside. They made a sound like an 11 year old girl screaming. Well, actually I made a sound like that when I found one.

ETpilot 09-30-2015 11:44 AM

Spiders I have also. Don't like them around. I try not to kill them nor non-poisonous snakes. BUT, I have a spider story.

Working around the the farm I always carry a 1 or 2 quart water cooler filled with ice. Since it is just for me I carry no glass so I drink from the spout. So I had not used the water jug for a while. I take it to the house wash it, fill with ice and water. First drink from the jug I feel something in the water. Then I feel a sting in the top part of my mouth. Instant swelling of the area. I spit out the fluid and there is a spider. So I collect it place it in a jar. I call a friend and say what happened and to check with me periodically.

The sting and the swelling I feel so I stay fairly still and check for any adverse reaction. Nothing ever happened. Swelling went down and no side affect. Studying the spout I found a spider's web inside. Now I always check that spout to make sure it is clear.

Living in the country you have all kinds of critters around. Poisonous snakes only water moccasins by the pond those I shoot. I've also had a wild hog fight but that's for another forum. It is fun living in the country.

stevegauth30 09-30-2015 01:09 PM

Its kind of silly, but Id rather take on a van full of talliban than a little freakin 8 legger. Sheesh, i hate em, even though probably 98% of the ones round here are harmless. I awoke a couple months back to a screaming wife and an attack bat buzzing my bedroom. The little lady saw a video oppertunity and took it. She also takes every oppertunity she gets to share said video of me screaming like a girl every time that thing buzzed me. As for snakes, well, we got lots of rattelers where i go in the woods, so i have a snake clip for the .44. There flat tipped hollow points. really do a number on em.

modeltronics 09-30-2015 03:19 PM

Rattle Snake
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One night a couple of weeks ago I was walking back to the house from my shop at about 10:30 at night. As soon as I put my foot on the front porch of my house I could hear the rattle. I ran backwards until I fell in the yard. I got back up and took another look. This is what we shot on the front porch. It was 4 foot 9 inches and as big around as my arm. If I would have walked onto the porch I'm sure it would have got me. The new rule here is when walking to the house from the shop at night carry a flashlight.

stevegauth30 09-30-2015 03:47 PM

That surely would have left a mark.

CK1 09-30-2015 04:26 PM

Several years ago I was was working late on a plane in my basement shop . I kept hearing this dull thud sound evey few minutes . I kept working until my curiosity peaked and started looking for the noise . I located the sound to be in the far corner of the basement in an area that was used for storage. Inside an old 75 gallon fish tank I found a mosue running back and forth hitting the glass at each end . I thought that was pretty odd but only oart of the sound I had been hearing . I soon found the other part of the sound to be an 6 foot black snake striking at the miuse and hitting the glass. I dont store old fish tanks anymore .

ChicoFlyer 09-30-2015 04:36 PM

At our work we often get rattle snakes, anywhere from little babies to some 5+ feet in length. Before I started working there, they were telling me stories of when they found one in our office supply closet. One of our shop guys found a small rattle snake, thinking it was a gopher snake, he picked it up and it bit him... he then proceeded to chase people around the shop with it. Needless to say, he no longer works there.

ETpilot 09-30-2015 05:46 PM

These venomous snake stories give me the creeps. Now I am careful just walking around the house. That rattle snake would certainly ruin your day. The only venomous snakes around me are by the pond. Venturing out at night away from the house and shop I carry a bright spotlight. After reading of these encounters I'll have to carry the spotlight around the house and shop.

Greg Briley 09-30-2015 06:09 PM

shoot it

flyingagin 09-30-2015 08:31 PM

When I was flying slope gliders, I had another encounter of the slithery kind. I was carrying a foam core fiberglass plane. Flew from an inland hill (30 minute climb). For ease of carrying everything I had the wings on the bird (thank God). I was carrying the the glider with the wings parallel to me in front of me. WHAM!! A 4 or 5 foot rattler struck the wing. I almost jumped out of my skin, Buddy did the same thing. I ended up hill of the snake and buddy down hill. We chucked rocks at it then where it went for a bit.
I flew with wet pants that day!
No cell phones as they where not yet widespread. Every year there were 2 or 3 rattle snake bites there.



ETpilot 10-01-2015 03:43 AM

I've been flying at my club for about 1-1/2 to 2 months now. The flying area is over a wooded area. Somewhat clear around the runway but more dense farther out. I always fear losing my plane over that wooded area. One, the plane may wind up in a tree. Two, the plane may be hard to find. Three I know there are snakes out there. Some planes have never been found. Others have been accidently found months later. Not a pleasant feeling for me. Now that I have more flying skill I try to keep it close to the runway.

I am fortunate to have a home field. There it is all open and finding a lost plane is not an issue. I have to fly alone as I have not found anyone nearby interested in RC flying. The club field is an hour away. Both fields have their plus and minus.

flyingagin 10-01-2015 05:58 AM

Stomp, walk heavy when in them slither bearing woods. Carry a cell and if possible a gun with snake load.


beepee 10-01-2015 09:14 AM


Now that you brought up spiders ...

I used to live and fly in Dubai, and there was always a threat of camel spiders at our field. Not only do they get big, but they can out run you. Legend has it, they are tough enough to mess up your suspension if you run over one.

Yah gotta love the side show that goes with this hobby!


rt3232 10-01-2015 02:41 PM

Well I have been resting a story, but every time I check this thread I have a good laugh,
Any a long time ago when I was wiper snapper (20) was in the cal/ntl/gd, we were out in the field hi desert the boonies of Fort Irwin on a 3 niter, and when the wind blows at nite the sand moves, so to get out of it you dig a small trench put you bed roll in it cover it with a half pup tent then cover the edges with more sand (you leave the pointy end lose) when it comes time to get in you slither in (of corse you have you rifle along 1 edge) the rest of you gear is out side next to the pointy end. that's the picture, now about 3:30 am you feel something on your hip as it is heavy but move a bit,as it wake you up, so you think about it for a half second and peek out and there is a side winder, now you panic, leap out grab your folding shovel and bash it you got lucky and nailed it right on the head with a vary load wack then run a bit, and then look back and it is still moving so you give it another wack, and by this time your hole squad is up and wanting to see what all the ruckus was. now you look at the spot close and there is blood and some other goo on you spot, then you discover why the first wack, the snakes head was rite over you riflebutt. Well after you calm down, and the officers have shown up it now time to put your gear in order and you find you have cracked the stock of the rifle.

Well with that you should now have a picture

Cheers Bob T

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