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hawkman-RCU 07-18-2021 06:42 PM

question about printing double size plans.
i love building and fly balsa wood planes. does anyone know if it is possible to take the plans of a plane and have them doubled in size and have them printed out. if so where could this be done ? office max, staples ? thank you. im thinking of building a double or triple size sig hummer. thanks.

scale only 4 me 07-22-2021 02:08 AM

Does great work,,,, https://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/market/11691142

jester_s1 07-23-2021 07:08 AM

Any of the office stores can do that for you. Be aware though that stock sizes don't necessarily scale up the same. If the original model called for 1/4 inch spar strips for example, 1/2 inch strips may not be appropriate for the bigger plane.

Bill Diedrich 08-24-2021 03:35 AM

The advantage to using Dennis,"HemiKiller", is he can scan the plans and re-arrange
the components to fit on either 36" wide or 42 " wide paper. Whereas going to a print shop
they will just scan then and enlarge to the size paper they have and you will not get a very
good image and also when they turn the plan to enlarge the side that didn't print, there could
be a very slight difference in scaling. If you want a first class job, at a reasonable cost I highly
recommend Dennis, he is not only an expert at printing plans, he is also a model builder.

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