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rflasch 12-13-2003 12:35 AM

Disadvantaged kids??
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I would like to hear from any of you out there that fly with 'poor' kids!!!

I can say that cause believe me, I grew up as a poor kid. I always loved airplanes and would watch the C/L guys fly for hours!!!
R/C was just no way but anything that could toss, wind, or power a airplane had my undivided attention!!!

Growing up a poor kid was great cause I knew what I wanted and what I had to do to get there.....

Worked for me ...US ARMY, Junior College, Calif Polytechnic Univ, Management, retired at 47... can buy and build any damn plane I want....

Anyway would like to hear about your kids and their experiences !!

Deadeye 12-13-2003 11:01 AM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
Sweet story! Must be nice. I don't think I will get to retire till I'm dead. Sure hope that light blue growth on the left ear clears up for ya! :D

Jemo 12-13-2003 05:39 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??

vicar 12-14-2003 07:09 AM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??

I thought you were going to talk about what you were doing to help disadvantaged kids get their hands on an airplane. Given your humble beginnings and current status, why not find a public school or community center and invite kids to your field and give them a lesson. Help them along by encouraging them to work hard , like you did, and make a future for themselves. Advise them on saving money and help them buy their first RC model. That would be great tribute to your success, better than the ability to buy whatever you want...

Live Wire 12-14-2003 12:13 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
Good intensions but wrong resonse. Started out broke now retired and busted, but I still find a way to build and fly. Some people get LUCKY!!

vicar 12-14-2003 01:29 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??

Geistware 12-14-2003 01:49 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
If I am not mistaken, the RC Club in Plainfield Indiana has a Sunday event worked out with the juvenile prison system to have the kids fly on Sunday if they are good. I don't know the details.

rflasch 12-14-2003 06:42 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??

I would really like to see that take place.....I did not post to exude hubris...sorry but I don't have to.... I was simply hoping to hear from some of the great individuals out there that work with 'poor' or disadvantaged kids so we can recognize their efforts and perhaps join in contributing to their efforts.......if you know someone I'm sure we would all like to know about their efforts....

Actually I have some radio equip I would like to donate and thought this would be a Great forum to facilitate that need!!!

I will be the first to acknowledge life has it's knocks, I'm not here to prove anything other than a lot of poor kids out there have TREMENDOUS possibilities that are easily overlooked................

I am sorry and apologize if my post was antagonistic in any way......... I will NOT apologize for a life that has presented a lot of challanges and proof that overcoming obstacles is possible with persistence and a positive attitude......

God Bless You All during the Holiday Season and Good Flying !!!!

frugalflyer 12-16-2003 01:59 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
If you go to my webpage http://geocities.com/wisebrit you can see that I've been promoting this hobby for many years by teaching and helping fix up the poorer citizens with planes. That's how I got my name. I raid the trash cans and beg for bits and pieces. My basement if full of half wings and complete tail sections so fixing up a plane is not too difficult. Getting hold of engines and radios is the problem.
Unfortunately it doesn't always work out as hoped. Some kids resent having a plane made from odds and ends. They want a quarter scale P51 just like the big boys. Understandable I suppose, but I find it hard when that happens.

frugalflyer 12-17-2003 02:05 PM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
RFLASCH. I thank you for the kind words in your "private e-mail" and I have attempted to respond. Unfortunately the 'reply' didn't work - nor could I get you through the e-mail in your profile. Will you please email me again at [email protected] with your email address

3DFanatic 12-20-2003 04:07 AM

RE: Disadvantaged kids??
Go to jail and fly R/C airplanes... What's wrong with this picture? [&o]

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