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BusyBear 12-14-2003 11:07 AM

Cowls that open for access???
Possible stupid question[&:], but... Has anyone come up with a good way of accessing the engine compartment with a cowled airplane??

Just getting started with my first cowled airplane. :D

Seems alful cumbersome taking off the spinner, prop, spinner hup, unscrewing the cowling removing the cowling.... everytime I need to adjust something,or add after fun oil ect.[:'(]

Thanks in advance!

Doug D. 12-14-2003 11:53 AM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
What kind of model are you building? The size and type of the model will have a big part on weather building a hatch will be easy or not. What do you have in mind? [&:]

MinnFlyer 12-14-2003 01:05 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
It WOULD help to know what plane, but one thing you can do is:

If it ia a 2-piece cowl, screw the two halves together instead of gluing them.

If it's a single piece, you'd have to cut it in half, add screw tabs, and use the screw method

Geistware 12-14-2003 01:50 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
I have seen an application where the cowl is split horisontally and the lower half is stays attached while the upper half can be removed.

Jim Messer 12-14-2003 08:42 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
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I did my 1/3 scale J-3 Cub so that it comes off in one piece, and is only held on with one screw. It takes approximately ten seconds to remove or replace, and you don't have to remove the prop. It locks in on rails, and lifts off vertically. Here are some photos.

Doug D. 12-14-2003 08:52 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
Very Nice Jim !!! [&:]

electricfan 12-14-2003 10:30 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
i also have my first cowled plane. what i do is cut a hole for everything i need to get to, i.e. the needle valves and the carb. ive never needed to remove the cowl except when i landed with the engine hanging on one screw. good thing i didnt decide to do another lap or else i would have lost it. it funyy because the engine was vibrating so bad that it cut off right when the plane came to a stop on the runway. well back to the subject, if you cant cut the holes in such a way to be able to get to the parts or you want to keep a scale appearance, use the cut in half method mentioned before. hope this helps

BusyBear 12-17-2003 04:44 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
Thanks for the replies guy!!! I was off line for a couple of days...sorry for the late response.

(not only can I crash airplanes, I crash computers too...:eek:)

The model is a OS-90 sized 4 stroke, ARF, one piece fiberglass cowl. the airlane has a tri-cycle gear so the nose gear and muffler sticks out the bottom aft of the cowl...

I'll try and post some pictures.... as soon as I figure out how?

The "cut out panel" method was what I was thinking.... I really like the Scale J-3 Cowl.

Anybody else have pictures of their set up??


Doug D. 12-17-2003 07:50 PM

RE: Cowls that open for access???
Sounds Like a split cowl might be the best method for you, as discribed by the other gents. Which ARF do you have?
You may be installing a few more cowl blocks (2 or 3) but the little extra effort might be worth it. [&:]

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