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timrob 12-17-2003 05:23 PM

Createx Autoair aluminum paint?

Has anyone tried the AutoAir aluminum paint? Does the finish look like the unpainted aluminum found in many jets and warbirds? Does this compare with BVM's metal kote, or flite metal or other products on the market for giving a aluminum finish?



Fly4Fun2 12-18-2003 10:16 AM

RE: Createx Autoair aluminum paint?
I have used the autoair, but not the others so I can't give a decent comparison. The autoair is a nice paint to work with. They have reformulated it so you do not have to add the drops anymore. The aluminum (and any of the metal flake) paint has actual flakes in it. What that means to you is that you need to use a slightly larger needle and tip if using an airbrush (i.e. #5 for Passche vs a #3). I also increased the air pressure about 10 lbs. Also, it comes out flat and will be very fragil until you clear coat it. I used PPG Concept clear over it and it works great. The Createx is a very pourus paint. When laying the clear, dust it with a thin coat first and let it soak in / tack up. Then go back and lay your coats like you normally would.

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