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darryl123 12-27-2003 06:34 PM

v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
when you are setting up a plane for vtail with the rudder and elevator mixed how do you hook up the nosewheel for steering?
if you hook it to the rudder when you use the elevator it is coupled to the rudder.

GrnBrt 12-27-2003 09:36 PM

RE: v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
separate servo.

TLH101 12-27-2003 09:47 PM

RE: v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
There may be an easier way than this, but I would not mix with the transmitter. I would use a separate V-Tail mixer. Then you can use a Y-harness in the rudder output, with one connector to the nosewheel servo, and the other to the mixer. This will isolate the nosewheel servo from the elevator output. You will also need plug the elevator to the mixer as well. I am sure this can all be done with transmitter, and some mixing, but I cant seem to figure it right now.[sm=spinnyeyes.gif]

loading 12-28-2003 03:34 AM

RE: v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
I think you could get away without an exta servo. On landings, just as the front wheel hits the ground I usually don't have any elevator input anyway and on take offs, buy the time you build up enough speed to use the elevator, you should be moving fast enough that the tail has more authority than the front wheel anyway. The only plane I have with a front wheel is my Voyager, which is a sort of low wing trainer, so it floats in pretty nice and takes off easy. So, this may not apply.

OH, one more thought, if you have a computer radio with dual rates. You could set it up so that the rudder stick as much more movement than the elevtor for landing/takeoffs.

Tall Paul 12-28-2003 01:09 PM

RE: v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
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If you have the rudder and elevator on the right stick, then the seperate steering servo on the rudder channel works well. Use the elevon mix, not the rudder-elevator..
upper photo.
The vee-tail in the lower photo has the tailwheel attached to the flying tails with springs..

darryl123 12-28-2003 04:17 PM

RE: v tail. how do you steer nosewheel?
we are trying to use mixing in the radio so a mech. linkage is out.
the plane is an easy flyer using 4 chanels and the only thing that we have came up with is using a 5th channel and mixing with the rudder but since it is already mixed with the elevator?

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