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moparcolt 12-30-2003 03:57 PM

Flexible exhaust pipes?
I have a saito .72 and I am thikig of running a flex pipe instead of a muffler, has anyone ever done this? What do you do about the preasure fitting? If you don't have one will that cause a problem?

Geistware 12-30-2003 05:57 PM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
I have run a flex pipe to a muffler that was mounted under the wing. I didn't need a muffler tap because it was a YS engine.

LSP972 12-31-2003 09:20 AM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
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Rotsa ruck.

Below is the flex extension on my Laser 150, which lasted a grand total of nine flights before breaking clean in two. I was VERY careful to mount it so no vibration could occur, etc.

I have heard repeatedly that the flex extensions Horizon sells for Saitos don't last any time at all. A fellow at my club has a Saito 100 inverted on a P-40, and he is on his third one. The record so far is three flights before it breaks.

Proctor is sending me another one, so I'll try it again. But if this one breaks too, I'll just have to use the regular muffler and butcher the cowl. The airplane/engine combo (CG Ultimate) simply flies too nicely to abandon.

But aggravations like this are why I have no serious interest in scale.

a68fan 12-31-2003 10:23 AM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
I have a Saito.72 mounted @ 90degrees in a H9 T-34.. I used neoprene tubing sold through Tower.. CBA/ Tatone.. About 3" running from the muffler out the bottom of the fuse.. So far so good..

mnrcaerobat 12-31-2003 10:34 AM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?

Do you mount it with a hose clamp to your existing muffler?

a68fan 12-31-2003 04:26 PM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
Yes, I used a small hose clamp.... I took my trusty "Dremel" and kinda' cut a slot/ flat area around the muffler tip as far up to the flare as possible.. Be careful.. Metal is thin and you'll cut through it real quick.. You just want to form a lip or groove for the tube & clamp to bite on.. Used a small hose clamp and tightened it real good & snug.. I then ran the engine for a few minutes, let her cool a bit, and tightened again..

The tube gets real hot, but does not distort or get soft enough to cause any problems. I fabricated a bracket from light ply to hold tube in the center of the exit hole.. No sign of heat damage there either..

Hope this helps...

JimO 01-05-2004 12:04 PM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
Saito makes flex pipes for their twins. I had a spare set for the 60T and used the side that had the pressure nipple for my 72.

Works fine.

moparcolt 01-05-2004 10:31 PM

RE: Flexible exhaust pipes?
Well, here's what I ended up doing. I bought a saito fleh pipe and ran it to the pitts style mufler that I made and I'm going to attach it to the muffler with a small hose clamp and coppper silicone. I'm going to cut some small slots in the end of the flex so it will clamp down on the muffler I may try it first to see if it will seal up without the slots because the fit is pretty tight.
The muffler is out being ceramic coated so I have to wait till it comes back.
The flex is only a couple of inches long so it should hold up ok, there are no tight bends ,so that should help.[8D]

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