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RatHead 01-02-2004 07:41 PM

Getting Back in
I've recently decided to get back in to RC planes. I built my first RC trainer (Aero-star 40) about 7 years ago. I was trained and flew at an AMA sanctioned field and in the following year flew an ugly/super stick style ARF quite well. I loved snap rolls and aerobatics. But that was the last of it. The shop and field are long gone as are my planes and equipment.

My brother bought a house in farm area and his backyard is about 1/4 mile long, the only trees are at the rear of the field. His yard was literally produce. It's nearly the same size as my last field, maybe fewer trees. So here's my questions...

1. What kind of plane should I purchase? I want an ARF, don't want a trainer as I think I would get bored too quick. But I don't want to destroy it immediately . I'm leaning towards a Hobbico Avistar.

2. How do you make an acceptable runway from rough farm land? Blacktop and cement are not an option.

3. I really want an Ultra Stick 40 with flaps but don't feel I'm ready to jump in to that. Should I get a six channel radio now or does it need to be programmable for that stuff?

I know most people would say to join AMA again and find a field but this seems like a great way to spend time with my brother, as it has sparked his interest as well.
All comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Doug D. 01-02-2004 08:07 PM

RE: Getting Back in
AMA is a definite YES !!! for insurance and it gets you into events.
6 Channel radio YES !!! a computer type Of course.
Since you where flying a stick when left the hobby You can now get an ARF version of the same plane. Great Planes has a decent one. You can get an Ultra Stick after you've retuned your skills.
As far as the landing strip, you'll need to pick your area and smooth and level it out. Then plant your favorite grass. And keep it mowed. Or join a nearby club. Another reason for AMA

Good luck and have fun!!![&:]

KidVermin 01-02-2004 10:43 PM

RE: Getting Back in
The Avistar is a very good choice.
If you plan on staying in the hobby and expand; then I would go for the 6 or 7 ch pooter radio. My choice was the Hitec Eclipse 7 after outgrowing the Hitec Prism 7 that only had 3 model memory.

MinnFlyer 01-03-2004 05:52 AM

RE: Getting Back in
While a computer radio is very nice, it's not a MUST HAVE item. If you can afford it, go 4 it.

Another outstanding ARF is the Midwest Aerobat. I reviewed one for RCU magazine last summer, and I was really blown away with how easily it went together (6 hours) and how well it flew.

On the AMA subject, if you're out in the boonies, and there's no one else's property to damage, I would say it's not a must.


Please, please PLEASE make sure that there are no Legitimate Flying Fields in your area, or you could be shooting people down. Just because you're in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean there's not a club in your area... MOST of us fly in remote locations!

CafeenMan 01-03-2004 11:00 AM

RE: Getting Back in
I know a lot of people including myself who have not flown for extended periods. If you were a competent pilot at the time, then you do not need a trainer to come back in. You'll pick it up again so quickly that you'll outgrow a trainer in a flying session or two. I suggest you go with a shoulder wing like a Stik. If you never quite got down the part where the plane is coming toward you then a trainer is probably a good idea.

In either case, have an instructor stand by to help you out for the first few flights.

frugalflyer 01-03-2004 01:42 PM

RE: Getting Back in
Cinci is a great place for RC. There are many clubs in the area who would be most willing to help you get in the air. You can find a list of most of the local clubs on my web page http://geocities.com/wisebrit. I am located about 45 E of Cinci on the Clermont - Brown county border. If your over this side of town drop me an email and we ''see if we cant get together.

spokman 01-03-2004 02:18 PM

RE: Getting Back in
Ditto for what everyone else said. I wouldn't want to get shot down either but if you're in the boonies go for it. As far as building a strip this is going to be tough. You'll need some equipment to do it. I would research how grass runways are made for real planes. It will have to be smoothed with some type of equipment. Maybe a grader depending on how bad it is then you might be able to drag something such as a large grate or wire mesh with weights behind a four wheeler or truck to furth smooth it. Then there is grass planting. Might want to check with a local grass seed/turf company to see what they recommend. G'luck!

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