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skoemba 03-28-2006 02:31 AM

Super Stick 40 - What's up?
Hey there friends,

I have the H9 Super Stick 40 with a 52 ASP 2-stroke engine and a 12x4 APC prop. I fly at 1800m ASL.

I balanced her according to the book but she doesn't fly good. Loops are a mess. I cannot get a round loop out of her. On the up section, she seems to go up too steep. Less elevator makes her not want to go up at all.

Take-off, landing etc. are all fine. Do I have the CG wrong or is there some other problem.

Oh, before you ask, I make perfect loops with my Extra, so pilot error is not an option here.;)

LSP972 03-28-2006 09:18 AM

RE: Super Stick 40 - What's up?
I had one of these, and was not impressed. Even after stripping off that junk shelf-paper covering and re-covering with U-Cote, the airplane would not fly "right". It always flew tail-down, like the CG was wrong.

But no matter where I moved the CG, it still flew tail down. I tried varying the wing incidence and thrust line; no joy. Altering the stab incidence was next, but I ran out of patience and sold the thing.

It was the only H9 offering I've seen that wasn't a good model airplane.

agexpert 03-30-2006 10:41 PM

RE: Super Stick 40 - What's up?
I have one of these and as a RANK beginner, I have never thought there was a problem. It has flown tail-down for me as well, and drops like a rock below 1/3 throttle. It loops and rolls perfectly, however. I have about 6 gallons through it and I agree that shelf paper covering is pure junk.

Inverted flight is OK, but the problem is the incidence. I moved the LE up about a degree temporarily, re-trimmed it and flew it for a while, (it was a bit better). I ended up just puting it back the way it was and flying it.

It may not be the best plane H-9 has ever made, but it's perfect for windy days and it really takes a beating in my truck (after a few um....modifications to the tail section).

I have flown it so much that it takes me a few ciruits to get used to a plane that flies like....a plane.

Ernie Misner 04-01-2006 01:19 AM

RE: Super Stick 40 - What's up?
They come out nose heavy, whereas the Ultra Sticks come out tail heavy. What's more, the CG point in the book was not quite right as I recall. The Super Stick can be a real fun plane though. I flew mine for 2 years until it was stolen. (wonder if the guy who did that flies it "like he stole it", lol)

Play with the balance until it takes just a touch of down elevator when inverted. You should have many hours of fun with that plane at any rate.


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