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islandflyer 04-07-2006 11:54 AM

New Zealand Flyer ?
Anyone from New Zealand on line/ I am thinking a long trip to beautiful NZ, and was wondering:

-What aiplane radio band is used (72 or other?)
-What household voltage (110V or 220V ?)
-How easy is it to find flying clubs (particularly for giant/3D flying ?

Any info and/or pics?


AlphaWhisky 04-08-2006 04:43 AM

RE: New Zealand Flyer ?
Hi there island flyer,

Of all the frequencies used in both USA and NZ I think 72Mhz is the only only common one. I`d guess 40MHz is the most common band here - 50 MHz is a no no.

Household voltage is 220V throughout.

Total registered fliers in the country are in the region of 5000 and we`re spread over a similar area to the UK so we're not too thick on the ground. 3D and giant models are flown here but you may have to travel some to find them all. Most cities and towns have a model club and the natives are generally friendly. Have a look at the NZMAA website on www.nzmaa.org.nz and you should find a list of clubs and contact names, phone numbers etc.

Alternatively PM me with a clue as to your itineray and I`ll try and point you in the right direction. Be mindful that we are now heading towards winter - June and July are probably wettest although most of us fly all year round.

Alan W

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