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Blackfox1980 01-01-2007 09:52 PM

os 91 Four Stroke Pump????? Need Help
I have a os 91 Four Stroke and am wanting to put a perry Regulating pump on.

The problem i am having is you need crank presure to utilise the perry pumps and and with the four stroke motors they have a ventilated crank.

What i was wondering is can you use the presure from the exhaust to operate the perry pump properly???

I am relativily new to this and would really greatly appreciate any information that i could get.

basically, i have this motor in a topflight Spitfire 60-90 size and the fuel tank is raised higher than the carb, want to use a reg, pump but if anyone has any other ideas i am open to any suggestions.


Capt Jim 01-01-2007 09:58 PM

RE: os 91 Four Stroke Pump????? Need Help
I cannot respond specifically to your question, but Perry also makes a pump that requires no pressure line at all. It works off the vibrations of the motor. You simply mount it right on the motor mount, and it's pumping whenever the motor is running.
Good luck with it.

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