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Bladejunkie 01-17-2007 10:16 PM

Saito Carb
Hi All
Was wondering if it's possible to flip the carb on my Saito FA-65 so that the throttle arm is on the opposite side?The reason I'm asking is I want to install it in my Sig Kadet LT-40,which has an O.S.48 Surpass in it now,which has the throttle arm on the opposite side,and I don't want to put in all new throttle linkage if I can help it.I just want to break the new Saito in ,I have plans to put it in a 1/5 scale Cub somewhere down the road.After I'm done breaking in the Saito I want to put the O.S.48 back in the Kadet.

Thanks for any help

khodges 01-17-2007 10:35 PM

RE: Saito Carb
Yes. All you have to do is remove the two screws that hold the carb body to the rear of the engine. Rotate the carb on the intake pipe and replace the screws and snug them down. You might have to swing the intake pipe out a little to allow the carb to turn. The intake pipe is an interference fit in the intake port, and has a small o-ring to seal it, same where it fits into the carb body.

Bladejunkie 01-18-2007 12:52 AM

RE: Saito Carb
Thanks khodges,
I kind of thought thats all that I would have to do,but this is my first Saito engine and I just got it today,so I did'nt want to mess it up.By the way is there any way I could get more details on how you mounted your engine.I want to mount mine exactly like your's.I'd
like to know which motor mount you used,and how you fabbed your firewall.I've got the Sig 1/5 scale Cub kit ,and Robart LG set for it just waiting for time to start building it.

Thanks Jim

khodges 01-18-2007 03:29 PM

RE: Saito Carb
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Glad to share. I used a DuBro antivibe mount. In order to maintain the proper prop hub position, I had to recess the firewall to use that mount. If I had it to do over, I'd probably have used a different mount. The metal Saito mounts are nice, if a bit pricey, and the Dave Brown mounts are what I have used on other planes. They have a round mount flange, and you have to make sure you get the 4-stroke version, the arms are longer. Here are some pics of my installation, and a pic of the DB mount. The part # on the package has "FS" in it to denote 4-stroke:

My exhaust is the older style, if you can find one, it looks better than the newer cast muffler. One of the 90 degree"buttons" would work even better than the elbow, because I had to heat and bend the elbow to get the exhaust to exit the bottom of the cowl. Here's a picture of that, too (can order it through Horizon).

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