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GoNavy 02-06-2007 04:49 PM

Skywriter or Slimline on non-programmable radio?
Has anyone used, or tried to use, either the Sullivan Skywriter pump or (its twin) the Slimline unit on a proportional channel on a non-programmable radio?
Did it work, i.e., could you shut it off, turn it on and vary the speed?

I tried a Sonic Tronics variable speed pump on a proportional channel (Vanguard VG7P channel 7) .It would turn on, run at varying speeds, but could not be shut off (unless you turned off the receiver). I had been told it would work on that channel. I sent the radio and receiver to Sonic tronics and they also could not make the unit stop, and had no explanation for why this was so.

Channel 7 on a VG7P does not have a trim feature, or travel adjustment or end point adjustment.However, a servo on that channel reacts the same as a servo on any of the four basic channels.

The folks at Sullivan say the Skywriter will function on that channel. I would like to know that someone has in fact succeeded with a non-programmable radio.

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