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willygog 02-07-2007 09:01 PM

Setting up the Incidence
Curious about a couple things , first one is pretty straight forward, what do you guys use/reccomend to sheet a foam wing>(What type of Glue?)

Second one is a little bit more involved. Incidence of the wngs/stab.
I am building my first pattern plane, (Dash Five) It calls for an 0" degree incedence. I have after gluing the heck out of it, LOL .
minus -1/2' or slighty less. If I leave it and make the wings a minus equal to the stab., is that ok because they are relevent to each other, and what would the end result of flying the plane be, would it be a handful, more gentile or just plain off base. The datum line could be off that little bit also so im not really sure if I should tear it down again or just go with it. I heard somewhere that 1/2 a degree is negligable but hey this is why I joined the formum. Lots of helpful advice. What would you guys do , I did my best to level the whole plane too. so its based off a level datum line. Thats correct right? All my planes in the past , werent so neccesary of being 100 percent. mostly arfs and a few easy kits, and the cut out for the stab was pretty much there ahead of time. This bird makes you do the work.

Thanks, Willygog

MinnFlyer 02-08-2007 09:25 AM

RE: Setting up the Incidence
If it's already epoxied in place, I would Leave it alone. That little bit of difference can be corrected with trim

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