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Birman 02-08-2007 07:54 AM

Which Titebond do you use.
I've noticed in several threads that Titebond is being used for building in some places because it is easier to sand. I've also noticed that at the local home/hardware stores that there are two or three different Titebonds such as Titebond II or Titebond III, etc.

Question is, which one do I use for model building or will any of them work?

Kaos Rulz 02-08-2007 08:03 AM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.

They all work fine. I like the original (Titebond I) because it sands better. The Titebond II sands like it's a bit rubbery. I haven't tried the Titebond III yet, so maybe someone who has will chime in.

flianbrian 02-08-2007 08:06 AM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.


I've noticed in several threads that Titebond is being used for building....
[sm=confused.gif]Huh? What else would one use?:D

ArmedZagi 02-08-2007 11:30 AM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.
I have titebond 2 and 3. The only difference between 2 and 3 is its waterproof ability. TB2 is described as "Water resistant". While TB3 is described as "Completly waterproof" and best used for "Marine apilications". Also, TB3 dries a MUCH darker color than TB2. It turns a very dark brown.

For modeling purposes I dont think theres an advantage to ethier one... unless that is you plan on getting you're plane very wet :D

fredscz 02-08-2007 03:05 PM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.
When the titebond II came out there was some discussion about it in these forums. Several people tried it and proclaimed it was not as strong as the original due to the formula change to make it water proof. Since the waterproof part is not of any use to me I just use the regular. I do have a small bottle of II and have used it some and the only difference I can tell is the way it sands.
A search may turn up some of the original threads on Titebond but it is a sticky subject.

flipstart 02-08-2007 08:40 PM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.
I have used Titebond for 30 years in wood working starting with the original formula. When Titebond II came out the selling point was a faster "tack time". II seems to set up faster so clamps can be removed sooner than with the original formula. III as stated above is about the same as II, just mo waterproof.
As for airplane use, I generally use II for most applications, except jobs like fuse sides, or wing sheeting. On those I use Titebond I (original formula) because I have longer to spread glue on all the surfaces. In the summer time II will tend to setup slightly and not flow out well in the joints. I have not noticed any significant difference in strength between the 3 types, however the orginal formula tends to sand better when used with balsa, on harder woods it makes no difference.

carrellh 02-08-2007 11:15 PM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.
I'm using 'original' Titebond on my GP Corsair. I really bought it because it's cheaper than TB2 or TB3. I don't need water resistant or waterproof glue for this application. Almost any glue, with a decently fitting joint, is stronger than the wood.

IronCross 02-08-2007 11:32 PM

RE: Which Titebond do you use.
I use the original... I tried 2 and 3 but did not like the way they sanded.. 2 actually balled up linder the sandpaper and left indentation in the bnalsa...

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