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BeFlyin 02-14-2007 02:21 PM

After Market Servos
Not sure where to post this, hope I get some opinions here.

These servos are from China and are very inexpensive, called Tower Pro. Any experience with this stuff?
I have an Easy Star kit going together and found some 9g servos that have the following specs, will they work well with my EzStar?:
Dimensions: 22X11.5X27mm
Operating Speed (4.8V no load): 0.12sec/60 degrees
Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz/in (1.2 kg/cm)
Temperature Range: -30 to +60 Degree C
Dead Band Width: 7usec
Operating Voltage:3.0-7.2 Volts

thisoneused 02-16-2007 10:20 PM

RE: After Market Servos
Junk,,,Garbage,,,,Crap<<<<Do I need say more?

Dont put these in any plane you want to keep around, or fly it around anything of value!!!
Your just looking for trouble!!!!

KidVermin 02-17-2007 02:15 AM

RE: After Market Servos
Is your opinion from experience ?
Last year, a friend put 4 of their std. size high torque servos in his 1/4 scale Cap and had several flights with no problems. Some road test reports here talked about the Tower Pro's searching for neutral; we didn't notice any of this other than a high pitched buzz as with some of the true digital servos. The case label said "digi". but I doubt it for the $19.95 price.

For their mini servos, I think they'd be on about par with the small GWS Nano, Cirrus or Hobbico servos.

ArmedZagi 02-17-2007 07:23 PM

RE: After Market Servos
Actually, they are digital.. theres an old thread in the radio forums about them. Their very tough, however they move slower than advertised, weigh more than advertised, and the resolution isnt as good as most digitals. I'm using Tower Pro 995mg's in my next plane.

CoosBayLumber 02-18-2007 10:19 AM

RE: After Market Servos
Well, took a chance and bought some $5 special servos at a local swap meet. Vendor had a bucket full of them. All standard type size, except the case was opaque dark blue, the arms were very wide, and the labels either were on or pealing off.

Gave the guy a $20 spot, and took them home. Installed them, they were much quieter than what was already inside. They have only been in weekend use since May 2006. No chatter either. My flying abilities are worse than these. Only problem being was the arms, for they were tough to cut off to required length. Wish now I would of had another $20 spot.

Got another A/C that has bum servos and wished I had another four of teh $20 specials. Closest replacement for those has been some $7 specials (high priced) that I got at last swap meet.

At AMA show, was a vendor selling servos as mentioned. They were black case, w/o any labels, and had a very slight chatter. I think they were going at $30 for four. They installed fine into a big 1/2A sized A/C and worked OK for nearly two years now, but the chatter makes the whole A/C a bit jiggly in the air. You can actually hear them make noise when power is cut, and gliding near to your ears. Yes, should have invested more for the smaller servos by a biggie name, but they do work.

On each of the purchases, I tested them right smack at the vendor's table to insure they worked before going home.

My thought is that today the electronics are getting pretty commonplace, and the later versions of cheap servos are better than that of one-two years ago. Don't expect them to be high quality or World Class, or best on market, install in older commonplace models (like a trainer or Semi-scale model) and you won't be disappointed. And no doubt that they are not to advertised specifications, they are heavier, slower etc., but if set into the proper model, that can be overlooked.


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