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meeki 02-19-2007 02:36 PM

OnBoard Glow 1.5v regulator for lipo setup
does any one know for thoes of us running lipo setups, and hate to have that heavy 1.2v battery onboard to power glow. if there is a 1.5 or 1.4 voltage regulator for lipo setup that way i can toss that crummy batt that only lasts a few flights. ????

Medusa Research, Inc. has now started looking into makeing one.

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I have put a few onboard glow driver systems into my bigger birds. but always have to deal with that extra crapy 1.2v battery to power it. do you sell a 1.2v regulater for this??? or a 1.5 anything im sure theres a market for this. well let me know.

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What battery voltage do you have available?
What battery pack did you want to run it from? The Receiver pack? Does it have enough mAh?
I’m surprised that there isn’t something on the market already for that.
I’m not familiar with glow so I’m not sure if one of our BEC’s (with modified output voltage) would do the job or not.
Jeff Little
Medusa Research, Inc.

<<<<<<<<<< email to madusa >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>
Im running a 3 cell lipo (11.1v minimum) 2000 mah to a medusa 6v regulator with diode's to keep it from bleading power the second backup pack . back-up pack is a 450 mah 3 cell lipo to a medusa 5v regulator.

Id be happy to buy 3 of these 1.5v regulators.

the gow research ive done brings me to the conclusion that you need 1.4 to 1.5 volts at 1.5 to 2 amps to really get an average good start across 2 stroke plugs and 4 stroke plugs. the standard 1.2v bat drops much below 1.35v it doesent do the job.

hope this helps. I know that this will save alot of us onboard glow guys the misery of the batt limiting us to a few flights with out recharge.

Im going to get onto rcunivers.com and ask if any one else is interested in buying this product


well hope to hear some ideas


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