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tigil 02-25-2007 08:09 AM

Planes transportation
Hi everyone,
I have 3 planes and I would like to take them all with me in my 1995 Lumina van, in the safest way possible. However, I really do not have any idea how to build a rack in the back of that van.

Any suggestions? If you have some pictures to help that would be nice.

meaden 02-25-2007 08:33 AM

RE: Planes transportation
I have a couple of cargo bars in the back of my truck that I covered with pipe insulation. A bungee cord around the nose and the tail keeps'em from blowing out the back.

Something like these...


bbbair 02-25-2007 09:22 AM

RE: Planes transportation
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There are lots of ways to do this, I chose to make a big "Erector Kit" out of 3/4" dowling, cover the key points with pipe insulation and then hold it in place in the car with bungee cord. (see photo)

The fun part of this design is that you can cut it to any size that you need to fit your car and it is removable when you have to take the kids to a hockey game.

rotccapt 02-25-2007 01:25 PM

RE: Planes transportation
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here is what i put together for my truck using 3/4" gray electrical conduit with a 3/4" wooden dowl throuh the center of the main spane to give it strength and rigity

BalsaBob 02-25-2007 05:49 PM

RE: Planes transportation
I have made many racks (and airplane stands) from PVC. With all the elbows and T fittings available .... you can make just about any shape. Another handy thing is that after you assemble the structure, just use thin CA on all the joints. It wicks right in ..... and is very strong (you can't get the joint apart). Bob

GPutt33 02-25-2007 11:14 PM

RE: Planes transportation
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A van can haul a LOT of plane - I also like the pvc and insulation. This is my latest, and about the only thing I did different on this one was not to glue ANY of the joints. Instead, after I got it all cut and fit it together how I wanted, I took my dremel and a 1/16th bit and drilled each fitting and installed a servo screw. This has allowed me to make a couple of modifications without having to hack it apart with a saw blade. This one fits onto the top of the rear arm rests of a Chrysler Town and Country. I have one set of legs that fits in the bottom middle for support and tie it down with one bungy strap into the lock down bars for the seats. I guess if you look close at the pics comparing the ones in the van (with no plane) and the one on the bench, you might notice the one on the bench now has one more fuselage holder. I can carry 3 - 40 to 60 size fuselages on the rack to the right, and up to 4 wings to the left. The longest wing I fit in on the bottom rack measures 73.5". I've had up to 3 - 60 and 2 - 120 in here, no damage, held securely, and all of the radio and field equipment needed for a fly in. The chairs, suitcase, and shade just all go up on the roof :D

Don't mind the fuel stains on the floor, I sponge it out once a year and it's ready to go again. And Yes, You Can Assume the Wife Drives the New Jeep ;)

tigil 02-26-2007 05:33 PM

RE: Planes transportation
Many thank's your plane rack is very nice , I will copy your model with a little mods because my planes ares little bigger then yours,

Very nice job!!


tailskid 02-26-2007 08:47 PM

RE: Planes transportation
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I have a truck and just throw a net over them....

BalsaBob 02-26-2007 09:55 PM

RE: Planes transportation
If you are going to build with PVC, then definitely by the PVC hand-cutting snips (instead of using a band saw or hack saw). Its a hand held thing (like a pair of scissors) and will cut PCV up to about 1 1/2 inch diameter. The best $ 10 you will ever spend ! Bob

PilotguyR6 03-25-2020 08:13 PM

In the back of my covered truck bed I just attach some bungee cords to the main landing gear and that holds it pretty centered. Cheap simple fix.

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