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masonman 03-12-2007 11:45 AM

Covering on Nexstar
I would like to now if anyone knows what kinda cover comes on the nexstar so I can not buy it. An how many rolls would i need to cover this plane?

dr_wogz 03-12-2007 01:08 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
The NExtstar is by Hobbico IIRC, so it is probably Ultracoat, or somethign similar..

What do you mean by 'not buy it'?

You'll probably require 2-3 rolls of covering.. more if the scheme is more detailed

masonman 03-12-2007 08:49 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
Because the covering from day one has been comeing off of it. Is monocote any better about staying on a glow plane?.......Thanks

Johnmpa 03-12-2007 10:34 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
I second this.....I have two Nexstar's and the covering is coming of both. To much patch work and not adhearing well to the frame and seams. I plan on covering it with a "better" Ultrakote. I am sure that the original covering is the cheap stuff, as the color bleeds off and the decal, especially on the exhaust sign come off in a few flights. I am planning on trying to re-cover mine.

masonman 03-13-2007 01:06 AM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
John i have three of them now(two are balsa doners).I love the way they fly, an they are good lookin. Don't look like a 4x4 with covering on it. The cover is where they droped the ball. Other than that they are great. I'm thinking of covering mine in white an royle blue an insignia blue. Cause it seems like every plane theses days is red an white. I just need to now what a covering is that will hang on a while.......Let me know if you find a good cover

orenda635 03-13-2007 02:09 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
Actually, the Nexstar uses Top-Flite Monokote, like all Hobbico and Great Planes ARFs. Hobbico seems to be the parent company for all these brands. The Nexstar, like all ARFs, comes pre-covered from the factory. You don't have to do it yourself.
Ultracote is only used in ARFs for for Horizon Hobby's subsidiaries such as Hangar 9 and Eflite.

Monokote is a very durable covering based on my experience but I've found it very difficult to work with. Ultracote is slightly easier to work with.

masonman 03-14-2007 03:07 AM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
Does the ultra lay down better an iron out better? Looking to get some new cover, really want to know these kinda tips........thanks

dr_wogz 03-14-2007 08:51 AM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
If you do a search, you'll find many a thread about Monokote vs. Ultrakote.

It's basically the same debate as Ford vs. GM.. many on each side, with their specific good or bad story

(I'm an Ultrakote fan..)

orenda635 03-14-2007 12:50 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar

ORIGINAL: masonman

Does the ultra lay down better an iron out better? Looking to get some new cover, really want to know these kinda tips........thanks
If you want to repair some covering on your Nexstar, I suggest using Monokote. Same goes for every repair job. Don't mix and match covering since the colours may not be exactly the same, and your repair will stand out like a sore thumb.

As for Ultracote, I found it molds better. I think it's a little thinner than Monokote though.

bkdavy 03-14-2007 02:18 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
Having completed 5 covering jobs now, 4 with Monokote and one with Sig Aerokote, I have to say I'm learning to like the Monokote. Its taken a while to learn how to work with it, but if you recognize some things, its pretty easy to work with.

First off, regarding wrinkles along edges, I've found that by working slowly and carefully, and tacking it down at the halfway points, working my way until the entire edge is tacked down, I get wrinkle free edges. For corners and curves, don't be afraid to pull it. Use a heat gun, heat it quickly while pulling hard and it stretches quite well. Just be careful not to warp wings. Work with as big a piece as you can to minimize seams. Get it taut, seal the edges as described above, then use the heat gun to shrink it. Give yourself an overlap on all corners. 1/8" should be enough. I think most problems with Monokote are caused by working to fast and setting the heat gun to hot. Take your time and you will end up with a nice, tough covering. I think the coverings that stretch easier at lower temperatures sacrifice the strength.

Bottom line - find what you like and have fun.


masonman 03-14-2007 02:44 PM

RE: Covering on Nexstar
Well With this being my first cover job, i will learn a few things im sure. So if i like it i will use it on my next project, if not, I'll try some ultra coat........Lots of trial an era in this hobby

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