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Dicky168 03-13-2007 08:07 PM

Tiger 2 and OS 55
Good day to you all. I already am in the graduation stage of my trainer which is the Skyraider Mach 1. I already bought a Goldberg Tiger 2 and also an O.S. 55 AX. Anyone have ever has this combo? Welcome any thoughts or comments regarding using a 55 on a tiger 2. Thanks.

orenda635 03-13-2007 09:17 PM

RE: Tiger 2 and OS 55
It might be too much engine for that plane. Goldberg recommends a 0.35-0.45 engine for it. Now if you had the Tiger 60, that would be a good combo. I think the Tiger II would be either too nose heavy or far too quick. The 46 AX would be a better choice.

Robotech 03-14-2007 01:01 PM

RE: Tiger 2 and OS 55
I think the 55AX is almost the same weight and the Tiger 2 ARF needs a litle extra nose weight. I have one with a 46FX and with teh engine and batteries as far forward as possible it's a tad tail heavy but I like it that way. With a 55AX it shoudl be a screamer.

Ed_Moorman 03-14-2007 04:54 PM

RE: Tiger 2 and OS 55
I have both the OS .46AX & the OS .55AX. The weight is within an ounce. The .55 is not going to be a screamer because it was designed more as a torque engine. That is it won't like small props. You need to think of it as a junior .61, rather than an over sized .46. I think OS is responding to a couple of things. First, scale and also 3D planes like larger props and torque to turn them. Second, a larger prop, turning at a lower rpm will produce less noise. Both of these things are desirable in today's market. As an example, the OS .46FX will turn a small prop faster than the newer AX. For running on a Jett tuned muffler, you would run the FX, or the TT .46 Pro, on a 9-7. The AX will use a 10-7 for best speed on the same tuned muffler. The .55AX was designed like the .46AX, in my opinion.

I think the .55AX will work very well in a Tiger 2. I would start with an 11-7 or 12-6, then, if you have ground clearance, go to a 12-7 or 12-8. If not, try an 11-8. You won't get the scream of an engine on a small prop, but you will get the speed and climb. Don't mistake noise for speed. Compare your plane to another in the air or have someone else judge the speed.

Dicky168 03-14-2007 07:58 PM

RE: Tiger 2 and OS 55
Thanks for you input guys. My first choice was the .46AX but a friend of mine suggested to go directly for the .55 with the reason for more room usage. BTW, my instructor who is also an RC dealer recommended an APC 12 x 6 propeller.

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