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spiral_72 03-21-2007 09:19 AM

Old engine start
Quick question. I happened across a deal with a complete plane/engine/radio/etc/etc....... As near as I can tell the engine hasn't been started in 10+ years. I don't know much about it's original owner except that it's been run. I don't know how long or if a proper break-in has been performed. I do know that the tank had some old fuel in it and supposedly the owner pumped the engine full of Marvels Mystery oil before he put the plane on a shelf. The engine seems to spin over well with compression. It's a .40 2 cycle Tigershark or something, it's hard to tell.

My question is how should I start it? Should I treat it like a new engine or give it some gas and go like a seasoned engine? I bought a gallon of 10% mix.

For tuning and the like I'll search in the forums. I'm sure there's lots of info on that subject here.


Rodney 03-21-2007 11:07 AM

RE: Old engine start
Does the throttle barrel rotate easily? Often, if the former owner used a castor based fuel, the throttle barrell will be frozen, usually application of heat will free it up. If not soak overnight in fuel or plain old denatured alcohol then heat and try again. I'd diss assemble the fuel tank, clean it out with alcohol, replace the line on the clunk and possibly the fuel stopper if it is stiff and nonpliable. Remove the glowplug and possible the back cover of the engine and rinse thouroughly in fuel or alcohol. Make sure the passage of fuel through the needle valve is free (can you blow through it or squirt fuel through it?). After all this, open the needle valve about 2 1/2 to 3 turns, fuel it up, connect a new glow plug and prop and give it a try.

proptop 03-21-2007 11:09 AM

RE: Old engine start
You'd probably better pull that tank out and at least clean it and install new fuel lines on the clunk and feed.

Take the glow plug out and flush out the MMO and feel for any roughness in the bearings...if they feel and sound o.k. then it should be good to go. It might be better to take the engine off the plane and remove the backplate and have a look inside just in case to check for rust.

The carb might have some congealed oil in it...try blowing through the fuel line attached to the carb. nipple to see if the passage is clear.

That ought to get you close.

Edit: LOL...Rodney beat me to it :D

bbbair 03-21-2007 11:16 AM

RE: Old engine start
Oh Boy... this is one of those easy to answer but hard to say things...[:o]

First Off, I hope you didn't spend too much on this engine.
The chances are that the seals have dried out and cracked and there is the possibility that the bearings have rusted up - if so - you are in for some rebuilding. [:'(]


Let's not worry about that just now, I'd just pull the glow plug and flush the engine with fuel. Put the pLug back in and see how it goes from there. ;)

Tuning - screw the needle valve fully in and then back it out four turns (general setting) and tweek as required. [8D]

Think positive! You may just have a diamond in the rough!! :D

spiral_72 03-21-2007 12:34 PM

RE: Old engine start
Thank you gents, I'll print this post out and work with it in the next couple days (I hope).

Gotta search for stuff on tuning too.

Thanks all.

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