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dpsa98 04-07-2007 09:28 PM

Dual Channel Crystal and Receiver Question
I have a Futaba 7CAP radio that can run 10 models from it. Currently I only have 1 Electric plane running from it on Channel 50 with a Hitec 05S micro receiver. I am almost finished building a second plane and I have a Hitec RCD Dual Channel Receiver for it. I forgot to purchase the RCD receiver crystal....Well actually I did not read the instructions stating that you can only use RCD Dual Channel Crystals:eek: Anyway needless to say nothing works till I order the Channel 50 RCD Crystal.

My question is will I only need to order the receiver crystal or will I have to order a RCD radio crystal also to work with this receiver....I'm not positive but I would think I can keep the crystal thats in the radio in and it should work with the RCD crystal. Otherwise how can I run multiple planes without having to switch crystals all the time?

Any help you can give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


Rodney 04-08-2007 09:09 AM

RE: Dual Channel Crystal and Receiver Question
Your question is not clear but: if you are asking if you have to change the transmitter crystal as well as the receiver crystal, the answer is no. Keep the same channel 50 transmitter crystal (note that it is illeagal to change transmitter crystals in the USA unless you have the transmitter checked out by an approved facility) but just put the proper crystal into your new receiver. Always use the same brand crystal as the receiver is, i.e. don't put brand B crystals into a brand A receiver.

2slow2matter 04-08-2007 09:57 AM

RE: Dual Channel Crystal and Receiver Question
You mean Dual conversion, not dual channel. Just order the channel 50 crystal that goes into that receiver, and it will work great (assuming that it is a negative shift receiver, or (at least) a shift selectable). If it is shift selectable, then you will have to change the shift to negative shift before it will work. Do not change the crystal in your radio--it has nothing to do with the crystal in the receiver (as long as they are both on the same frequency). Dual conversion only deals with the way the rx receives and decodes the signal--it has nothing to do with the transmitter.

dpsa98 04-09-2007 07:27 PM

RE: Dual Channel Crystal and Receiver Question
Thank you very much you both had the exact answer I was looking for. I ordered a hitec crystal today.

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