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flyhi 03-04-2003 01:33 AM

J-Tec Pitts Muffler
Got a large, maybe 91-1.20 size used in a trade box. looks fine, but both exhaust tubes are loose, is that common or should they be jb welded on? thanks

mulligan 03-04-2003 02:58 PM

J-Tec Pitts Muffler
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Does yours look something like the picture below? If so, I believe they should not be loose. I have an in-cowl J-Tec, and those tubes are not loose.

If they're loose, they'll probably fall off after a few flights. I have never tried JB'ing a loose muffler tube- I usually buy a replacement muffler. But since you got this in a trade box, you may want to try just for the heck of it. I'd be curious to hear how well the JB holds up.

- George

flyhi 03-04-2003 10:32 PM

Mulligan, yes, that's it. the exhaust tubes are loose but won't pull out. they'll spin around in a circle though.

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