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BALSABRO 03-09-2003 02:13 AM

Addin weight
Has anyone ever tried to epoxy lead into a plastic spinner nose cone ??? Any no no here ??? Comments

rc_boy_12 03-09-2003 03:51 AM

Addin weight
what would the reason be for?weight in the nose?it could work but if it aint straioght all the way round,it would not be balanced right and would vibrate really bad

ho2zoo 03-09-2003 04:05 AM

Get the lead out...
I don't think it would be worth the trouble; as said in the previous post it would most certainly be out of balance. Why don't you use one of those 'heavy hubs' under the spinner? It screws on in place of your regular prop nut and they fit under most spinners. Either that or the more traditional lead weights on the firewall.

voegdmcm 03-09-2003 10:48 AM

Addin weight
Don't do it. It will make your spinner out of balance as has been stated. The spinner would most likely break off. Saw a plastic spinner break off once, hit a guy in the face and it took a trip to the doctor and needle and thread to fix him up. Dan

Whirley Bird 03-11-2003 04:14 PM

Re: Addin weight

Originally posted by crazieflyer
Bad way to try to add weight.
I use stick in weights and place them inside the center of the fuse as close to the nose as I can.
Play safe and do it right. :)

CafeenMan 03-11-2003 05:22 PM

Addin weight
Epoxying lead inside the spinner is a really bad idea. What ho2zoo said is the way to go - use a heavy hub under the spinner if it will fit. Otherwise, bolt some lead onto the firewall or engine mount.

Have you tried shifting your radio around? Moving the battery as far forward as it will go? Smaller tail wheel?

MinnFlyer 03-11-2003 06:08 PM

Addin weight
Depending on the size of the plane, you might even want to avoid the heavy hubs. I've seen more than one prop fly off in mid-flight. I hate to have to try a dead stick landing with a tail-heavy airplane!

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