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XLO-JOKER 03-26-2003 04:47 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
Hi all. I just got a Moki 2.1 for my hangar 9 Edge 540.I also purchased a tru-turn spinner for it(and the correct adapter for my moki) My problem is, I cant figure out, even from the directions on the package, how to mount the spinner with the adapter. Could someone post a picture of a moki with the tru-turn adapter mounted on it without the spinner? I guess I need visuals:) Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

XLO-JOKER 03-26-2003 07:31 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
OK, OK, I'll even take a simple description of how to mount this sucker. Please HELP.

MinnFlyer 03-26-2003 08:16 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
Can you post a pic of the engine, with backplate, prop, and washer? It would help to see what you have.

XLO-JOKER 03-26-2003 09:11 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
I think I may have found my problem.The manual for the Moki says to ream the prop out to 12 mm. I think it has to be reamed out larger to acomodate the tru-turn adapter. I'm still going to try to post a picture in case you have any input. (I know, I know, messy work table).

hilleyja 03-26-2003 09:46 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
OK, right or wrong, this is what I did:

1) I reamed out the spinner backplate to 12mm -- this is needed to mount the spinner backplate against the prop washer.

2) I first reamed out the prop to 10mm -- this clears the prop over the threads. I further reamed approximately half of the props dept to 12mm on the back side -- this clears the the prop on the part of the shaft that does not have threads.

NOTE: This supports the adapter I ordered. My adapter comes with a washer reamed at 12mm with a nut that threads onto the 10mm thread and provides a threaded receptacle for the spinner bolt. The base of the nut is designed to insert inside of the interier of the washer.

Some adapters available are designed so that the nut that includes the spinner thread receptacle inserts not only inside of the washer but also inside of the prop. If you have this type you need to ream the prop to 12 mm for its entire dept.

In every case, you ream the spinner backplate to 12mm. Tru-Turn recommends you have a machinist do this -- I found it very easy to use a reamer on a drill press.

XLO-JOKER 03-27-2003 03:44 AM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
hilleja, thanks for the reply.I ordered the spinner from Don's Hobby's. The backplate was already custom reamed to 12 mm. Matter of fact, he custom-cut the spinner for a Menz prop.I am thinking that I have the adapter that goes clear through the prop.I'll have to take it to my tool-maker at work and have him ream out the prop a little more.Thanks for your help, you got me thinkin I'm on the right track. :) I took a picture at 640x480 and the forum said the file was to big to post.

Wyo_Flyer 03-27-2003 03:55 AM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
Hello All
On my Moki 2.1 the adapter is 1/2" O.D. where it goes through the prop. I drilled the front side of my prop to 1/2", about 1/2 way through and left it at 12 mm on the back side. This gives the adapter more thread engagement.
Hope this helps.

john316 04-29-2003 07:46 PM

Moki 2.1 and Tru-Turn Spinner.
It sounds like you got the Tru-Turn TT-0105-A adapter for the Moki 2.1. I had the same problem as you and here is the simple solution.......................................... ..contact B&B Specialties at

Order the 13.4 mm drill bit and have them custom grind the pilot to fit the existing hole in the brand of prop you use (Mejzlik and Menz are 10 mm). This gives the prop shaft hole an ID of .527 while the Tru-Turn adapter has an OD of .525 for a clearance of .002, a very light press fit. The drill bit is $19.95 and the custom ground pilot is $2.00, a real bargain in my estimation as it allows a precision fit and it is very easy to use. Hope this helped.


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