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MinnSpin 04-01-2003 02:38 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
My stick 60 with .61 OS FX and 12x6 prop is a great flyer, but I have major issues with the front landing strut.

Engine is mounted on a .60 - .90 GP Nylon Mount which has the holes for strut molded in it. I have used Fults double which flexed so badly on landing that it broke the mount and punched a hole in the bottom. Presently I am using a 5/32" single with 4 coils, and the problem is too much flex once again. As you can imagine I need about 6" of strut below the the motor mount in order to swing a 12x6 prop. Plane weighs approximately 9 pounds loaded with a 92" wingspan.

Question: I am planning to increase the wire size to .187" or .203" while maintaining 4 coils, but I have no idea where to buy these - any suggestions? Also - since I will be reaming the molded strut holes - any suggestions on how to re-enforce them?

Thanks for your help!

vinnie 04-01-2003 03:53 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
Have you considered converting it to a taildragger? No more nosegear problems. :)

MinnSpin 04-01-2003 04:11 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
Interesting proposition, but prefer to keep as tricycle for now.

FLYBOY 04-01-2003 05:04 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
I had the same problem with mine. Made it a tail dragger. Way better. Tracks straight, easy to taxi, took all the problems away. Way better.

MinnSpin 04-01-2003 05:15 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
Scorecard now reads 2 for tail dragger

How 'bout if I were to add a Robart Shock Absorbing strut to nose gear wire, while adding aluminum tube to the rest of the wire?

vinnie 04-01-2003 06:07 PM

Stick 60 Landing Gear Issues
Forget it. You can't get to heaven with trike gear...so I hear. :D

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