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MHawker 04-03-2003 09:37 PM

A couple of Smoke System install ??'s
I just got done installing a TME smoke pump inside the motor box of my Creek Extra. Then I started searching... and searching for an answer to a question (question #2 here) which led me to another question.

Question #1: I read it is not a good idea to install a pump on the firewall. Does the bottom side of the motor box (mounted on the inside of the box) count as the "firewall"? It is rubber mounted, but if vibration is going to be a problem, I can move it.

Question #2: The instructions that came with this (used) pump, illustrate a vent line, fill line and pump/feed line. Should the vent line be left open? i.e. if you are trying to pump/pull out oil, there should be air flowing in from somewhere... I think :confused:

Thanks in advance.


Uh oh, another question just came up... It shows the HPD regulator (hose pinching device) put BEFORE the pump, but the guy I bought it from had it past the pump. Does it matter either way?

Silvanskii 04-04-2003 02:09 AM

A couple of Smoke System install ??'s
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#1 They are worried about excessive vibration and are covering their own derriers. In the plane I had a TME in, it was mounted pretty decently imo, but still ended up leaking around the seams after use, which we had to repair. I'd say if you could easily move it, then better safe than sorry, otherwise it's prolly ok to try there.

#2 I assume with this you are talking about lines to the smoke tank.

Vent line - or overflow - inside the tank is bent to the top. You'd want to run a line out the bottom of the plane somewhere and LEAVE IT OPEN! When your smoke tank is full, you can tell by the excess oil running out the overflow, you never need to worry about plugging this line or anything.

Fill line - or input line - inside the tank you don't need to bend it at all. Just run this line to a fuel dot or something to the outside. When you want to fill your smoketank up, just fill it from here. Plug it up when not in use so you don't drain your tank!

Pump/feed line - or output line - this is the line you put the clunk on. You can bend it down a bit if you want, doesn't matter. This line goes directly into the pump. Simple as that!

As far as that hose pinching thing goes, I never messed with it. I know some guys put speed controllers on their pumps or what not. I simply stuck a needle valve from an old .40 size engine to my muffler and attached the smoke line to it. This lets you adjust the oil flow plus it vaporizes the smoke oil going into the muffler, real nice! I would suggest putting the HPD wherever you like, I can't forsee any problems.

One thing you SHOULD DEFINETELY GET IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!! is 2 one way check valves. One of these you want to put in the line running from the pump to the mufflers so that muffler pressure doesn't push the oil back up into the tank, thereby leaving the pump un-primed. Put the other one in the line from the tank to the pump for the same reason, so the pump ALWAYS has liquid in it for lightning fast response and no cavitating.

Here's my Suki showing it's stuff in a TQ with a TME pump.

MHawker 04-04-2003 02:20 AM

A couple of Smoke System install ??'s
Very cool. Thanks!


ml3456 04-04-2003 02:06 PM

A couple of Smoke System install ??'s
If you use the HPD, putting it before the pump will give yout TME more battery life. If you put it after the pump and pinch the line, a lot of battery is wasted pumping against the restriction vs. a restriction drawing from the tank. Don't hard mount the TME, and wrap the feed line to the pump around the back of the tank and then up to the pump. This helps keep the line full to the pump during acrobatics.


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