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kmac425 08-27-2008 08:32 PM

JR7202 + showtime 50 3D setup help!!!!
I'm really having a brain fart. I cannot seem to sync the elevators. I've got pot 3 on ELEV and pot AUX2 and have mixed them in PROG MIX 5 like always. I've done this before on other airplanes. I can't seem to sync the elevator halves. I can't get the AUX 2 side to get full travel. Could someone please give me a baseline or copy what they have setup in their radio for this setup. I'm pulln' my hair out. The airplane is done just need to setup my radio correctly. I just got the 7202 previously I had an 8103 and I thought they would be very similar. I'm missing something simple here. Is there a programming guide for dual elevator setup on the 7202 somewhere??

7202 owners speak up!

Thanks a million,


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