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OIL CAN DAN 03-21-2010 08:13 PM

RCD 3800 jumper wire?
Hopefully a simple question for someone who knows, How does the jumper wire go to make my hitec rcd 3800 reciever talk to my xp652 jr radio? My Brother gave Me the radio but I have all Hitec and futaba but He says the jumper wire is the answer. I hope He's right as this will be the first computer radio I've owned. Any help is appreciated. thanks Dan

snuts 03-21-2010 09:46 PM

RE: RCD 3800 jumper wire?
I could go out to the hobby room. But, plug it in one way, try it on the bench. If it works it is right, if it is backwards, it will not work at all and will not damage it.
So don't worry,
1 - you won't hurt it
2 - It won't give you any mixed feedback, it will only respond if it is positive shift.
Then make sure it is plugged in firmly, also tape the crystal down to prevent vibration from loosening it.
Hope this helps.

OIL CAN DAN 03-21-2010 10:51 PM

RE: RCD 3800 jumper wire?
Sure does... and did...I was afraid of burning the reciever up but thanks for Your advice, I took the 50/50 plunge and I naturally was wrong but once I turned it around, it works like a champ. Seems odd that nothing gets toasted if it's in, in reverse though? But all is good. Thanks for the Help! Kind of odd, but I've been flying for years (Old school) I still use a few AM radios ( keep the thumbs limber)so naturally nervous about this computer age but a little learning at a time doesn't hurt ....much... Thanks again Dan

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