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DragonHeart 07-15-2003 06:13 PM

Charging Question ?

Hope someone can help, just a easy question really

How long should the following items be charged for after a few hours use on the field when i get home, they have been charged to the maxium for the first charge but im unsure how long i should charge them for after ?

Glow Plug ? (the one with the battery on top)
Radio Equipement (Radio and Receiver Battery)
Field box battery ?

Thx for any help in advance.

DBCherry 07-15-2003 07:11 PM

Charging Question ?
I always recharge the flight pack stuff overnight before going to the field. Only exception I make, if I charged it last night and couldn't fly today, I MIGHT only charge it for an hour before going to the field tomorrow.

FYI, NiCD battery packs generally lose 3 to 5% of they're charge every 24 hours. It's not worth your plane NOT to charge them. ;)

12 volt battery, once per month if not used often, otherwise it depends on use.

Glow plug igniter. A few hours before each trip to the field, depending on use.

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