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Kaos Rulz 08-15-2010 04:33 PM

Slimline Boxxer Fuel Pump
Does anyone have the rebuild instructions for this pump?
My fairly new Boxxer (less than 1 hr use) has developed a very slow pace fueling my tanks. It takes about 4 - 5 mins to fill an 8 oz tank. It has always been slow, but this is crazy! I took it apart and everyhting looks OK. My fuel station plumbing uses large tubing and has no leaks, or restrictions, and was working perfectly well with the Sonic-Tronics unit until it quit on me. The 12 volt battery is fully charged and supplying ample voltage.
Can anyone provide the instructions in case I'm missing somewthing very simple? It's a very simple concept, but I don't want a pump to run for 15-20 min to fill up a 24 oz tank. Geesh I can start it and go get a drink and finish it before it's full.

Kaos Rulz 08-17-2010 05:33 AM

RE: Slimline Boxxer Fuel Pump
Would I get a better response in a different forum?

summerwind 08-17-2010 07:09 AM

RE: Slimline Boxxer Fuel Pump
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i bought the same pump after having poor luck with the sullivan that leaked nicely in my field box.
i have not had any problems with the new Boxer which is now over 2 years old and is working fine, but when i got it i did look into how it worked as i wasn't going to install another electric pump to which i would end up cleaning up another mess.
it is very simple in function and really has no more than 3 rollers that create the pumping action by rolling around the large fuel tubing that runs through it. the tubing goes into the casing like a loop with the 3 rollors positioned in the inside of this loop.........the end of the motor shaft goes into the middle of the 3 rollers. could be the motor shaft that has worn down too, although not likely.
really is just a few minutes to replace the tubing and rollers.

if it is less than a year old though i would send it to Slimline and he'll fix it ASAP for you.

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