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RLR 01-15-2008 04:21 AM

New to RC Skydiving
Maybe you have heard this alot. I know zip about building a chute and are looking for plans. I stay in South Africa and are not able to walk into a hobby shop to see what it should look like. Our hobby shops don't stock this.
I see a few different makes on the net, so what is the one to go for. I am building a diver from old plans(Charlie Evans) much like Juan's one and are wanting to to get the right chute for it. Sewing is not a problem and the meterial also available, I just need good plans. Can anybody please help.

JuanF 01-15-2008 10:50 AM

RE: New to RC Skydiving
I think you emailed me yesterday about the plans for an RC Parachute. I don't have any plans but you can contact Fanie (AKA: Broodwa), who lives in South Africa. He has a post on page 1 of the RC Skydiving Forum. Hope this helps you.

ennyka 01-15-2008 03:21 PM

RE: New to RC Skydiving
From What I have read (the horror stories) on the forums I think it is best to buy the chute and diver already made together that way all the research and development has been done already as far as the size and design of the chute. I recently bought an ultimate diver from rcskydiving.com and the scale detail is amazing also the design. I know they make a smaller cheaper Micro diver also and they may even ship over not sure. I do not work for rc skyding just telling of my experience for the record. I have yet to drop him but am getting close just waiting on the right weather conditions here in the swamp.

edge_pilot 01-15-2008 03:35 PM

RE: New to RC Skydiving

I agree you should buy a total package from sombody for your first skydiver. I hate to see people get discusted with the hobby because they try to design there own and have dirt dive after dirt dive. If you choose RCSkydiving we do ship around the world. I have several divers in South Africa already. I'm not sure of the dollar exchange rate but it will be worth the money no matter what. If you decide to build your own there is quite a few of us on here that can answer questions as you go along to maybe ease your pain alittle.

RLR 01-15-2008 03:38 PM

RE: New to RC Skydiving

Are all the chutes the same or are some more technical than others. The one that are used in competitions, are they all over available or is it just a few who make them.

Looks as if the trailing edge are closed. Is that correct.

RLR 01-15-2008 04:02 PM

RE: New to RC Skydiving

I had a look at your site and everything looks nice.
Do you sell the canopy separate from the packages?
I am interested in the ultimate diver canopy.


edge_pilot 01-16-2008 11:20 AM

RE: New to RC Skydiving
Yes, we still sell the canopies seperate. I will email you tonight with all the details.

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