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Do you trust your Tactic radio?

Old 07-07-2015, 05:51 PM
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Default Do you trust your Tactic radio?

I recently purchased a Tactic TTX650 new with a few new receivers because my X9303 model memory was nearly full. On the 3rd flight with the new Tactic radio I lost all control with a new Fly Zone Hadron and the model flew away at about 1/2 throttle, never to be seen again.

Having lost the plane, I can't do any analysis. I have since made room in my X9303. Now I'm scared to use the TTX650 on anything bigger than a park flyer, I suppose it can eventually earn my trust, but only through link reliability. There may be a noisy RF environment at one far end of the field, I heard recent statements of link issues with other brands of equipment in the same spot I lost contact the Hadron as well. I have never experienced any such link issues with my X9303 over many thousands of flights.

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Old 07-08-2015, 05:51 AM
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Since your model flew away at half throttle, it does not seem that you had fail safe set or (if you lost rf signal) your throttle would have gone to low. It is highly doubtful that the problem was transmitter related.
Old 07-08-2015, 08:00 PM
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Your right, it did not seem to go into failsafe, the failsafe was set on Ch3 and tested before the maiden flight, I had to reset the failsafe position because channel 3 had to be reversed for the model setup, which initially resulted in a full throttle failsafe position until it was reset per the manual instructions. It's clear that there was a problem of some kind. Power was obviously present as the motor stayed running at my last throttle position after all control was lost.

Electronic ESC or RX failure? I'm not familiar with the no-name ESC in the Fly Zone Hadron. If the BEC circuit fails (powering off the RX) it's hard for me to believe the ESC would stay at the same throttle output. I'll have to test this when I get my new Hadron.

Failsafe Instructions from the manual:
The failsafe function is not controlled by the TTX650 transmitter itself, but rather by
the Tactic receiver. Tactic’s stand-alone 2.4GHz receivers have a failsafe feature which
engages in the event that the signal from the Tx somehow becomes interrupted. In such a
case, channels 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 (all but CH3 throttle) will hold their last received position.
Throttle channel 3 can move to a pre-set position. The factory default failsafe position for
channel 3 is to move to 0% throttle. The throttle’s failsafe position can be manually set
to any other position if desired, as follows:
IMPORTANT: make sure the servo reverse settings for all servos are in the correct
position for the application.
2. Apply power to the Tx and Rx.
3a. If using an ESC: do NOT arm the ESC, or attempt to adjust the throttle’s failsafe
position if the ESC is armed.
NOTE: If you’re using an ESC which has a signal
loss feature, its pre-set failsafe position will be irrelevant as the receiver’s failsafe
function will cease the throttle operation if the signal is lost.
3b. If using a combustion engine: do NOT attempt to adjust the throttle’s failsafe
position while the engine is operating.
4. Move the Tx throttle stick to the desired throttle failsafe position.
5. Press and hold the receiver’s “Bind” button. The Rx’s LED should blink twice.
Release the Bind button, and the LED should stay on continuously. The Tx and
Rx should now be linked, with the throttle failsafe in the new position as set above.

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Old 10-09-2016, 10:19 AM
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no i do not trust my tactic radio!

for two reasons that have cost me 2 brand new copters by now.

1. when the transmitter signal is lost, the rx will initiate a "failsafe" procedure that locks all channels in their last controlled state but will change the throttle channel to 100. as im seeing in the manual, this value should be 0, however it seems that my channel settings in the transmitter (throttle ch3 is in reverse) do not apply to the rx output. also, for those using a flightcontroller with failsafe features, none ofbthose features get activated since the flight controller will never detect a signal loss on the rx because it just keeps outputting signal.

2. i have had another copter drill itself into the ground numerous times before i found out that my TR624 receiver was faulty. the LHS owner ensured me that a range problem at less than 50ft distance is not likely and that a power dip in to the RX is causing it to reboot. i made mods and rebuilt my aircraft providing a steady clean filtered secondary power supply to the rx and the 3 corner ended in an explosion of parts, about 100ft away from me.

now the warranty replacement for that TR624 is having me waiting for weeks and im so fed up with this radio that im getting rid of it asap.
anyone looking to buy one? pls contact me


Old 05-03-2017, 03:39 PM
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Yes I trust it. Love it. I have the TTx 850

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