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Cold Air intakes

Old 10-25-2004, 09:43 PM
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Default Cold Air intakes

Hey, hasn't anybody thought about this:

You buy a cold air intake for your 1/1 car, so it can suck more cold air than hot air, and for some technical reason that makes any 2 ro 4 stroke engine faster (Has to do with oxygen). Now, I realize that if I run my buggy without the body (pretty risky) I get more overall power, specialy from low speeds. If you look at it, the air filter in most buggys are no further away from the hot angine that 1 inch. If you start your buggy and put your hand next to the engine for 10 seconds after it is already hot, you will feel the heat. This means that mostly at slow speed driving, the filter is sucking hot air from tha engine, making it slow. Hasn't anybody thought of any cold air intake made from an at least 1cm tube that goes to the front of the car, with a little scoop in the body to get some really cold air to the filter?
I'm getting started on that projct, and I'm using 1.5 cm diameter carbon fiber tube (don't ask where I get it from).
I still have a week of work since my uncle, the provider will come next week. Does anybody think it will make any difference to the engine's power?

I know I always come up with crazy ideas, don't blame me, blame my uncles, they always talk about cars!
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

i would like to see a fuel injected turbo intercooled .21 but i dont think we will see that soon. Yeah there my be a very slight difference in performance (maybe) but i dont think it would be noticable.
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

I would say yes to your question, most of us have thought of air intakes but don`t do anything about it (i think ).When you think you have a great idea someone will come in here and give you a totaly different good/bad reason why not to do it.I think most people just open up the body shell a little to let a bit more air in and also just as important , letting air out.
Old 10-25-2004, 11:03 PM
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

hey, you can attatch a fan to the end of the air filter that will force air. and can be controlled by the third channel on you remote..
Old 10-26-2004, 05:15 AM
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

they already make them for trucks (savage) they are a tube that goes to the front and they cut the grill out or put a scoop on . when i had mine i made one w/ a toliet supply line and it didnt cost me the $45 they wanted for theirs. you can find them on ebay all day long under savage...
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

Yea just don't stickt he air filter too far out front and open to air- your air filter will become a vacuum cleaner. That's why the air cleaner is where it is right now. with the body holes cut on the other side of the car than the airfilter- so it doesnt get direct dirt ingestion.
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Default RE: Cold Air intakes

You forget.. buggys dont just sit there

Moving air ensures that they get a nice supply of cold air..
Real cars are kinda dinky.. their air intake is somewhere in the lower hood area.. and that means that the ambient air can enter after it pics up the heat from the radiator. Also.. were talking about huge gaping holes vs small slits (comparitively)...

In my opinion its a marketing thing.. Not all things that work for 1:1 cars will work for R/C Cars and vice versa


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